Quilt Show, A Mystery & Everyday Happenings

I wanted to share my few purchases that I got at the quilt show on Saturday. I think I am a hard person to sell to at the quilt shows. I need to see something new…..I see alot.

I also want a good price…because I have 1000’s of yards of fabric…and several of my own personal quilts ….so do I “need” anything? Probably not. I am also in a unique position to get tons of fabric from my LQS because I quilt for them….so you know? I am spoiled. IMG_6838

But while I was at Spring Market this year I found QP designs…I loved every single pattern they made…and I bought several of them at EE Shcenk. My friend T is working on a few for me. But I saw this table runner kit and had to have it…..they had a sample made as well. It’s just beautiful and appeals to my senses…and pocket book. Quilt Patch lane is a great local company. I have bought a few things from them before. IMG_6837

I also bought an embroidery kit. For one thing it had a bible verse…..I am not so fond of the embroidery picture pattern they used…so I will change it. But the kit came with the frame as well..and it was only 20$. I thought the frame was worth that so I bought one.  IMG_6842So those were the only two things I purchased…besides lunch at the show. 🙂IMG_6840

Then I wanted to show the fabric I pulled for Bonnie’s Mystery quilt. She posted the color cards this morning. I am not a fan of those colors…because I don’t have 3 of them in my stash. I don’t want to buy fabrics for a mystery quilt…..why invest so much in something you are not sure you will love? I am pretty sure I will like it…as I like her projects. But I don’t want to spend any money. So I decided to go with pastels. Pastels are safe because no matter what …it will be soft & Pretty. I traded orange for pink. I am also going against what she said to do..and I am using all one fabric for the background. It’s white with yellow polka dots. I usually love to mix it up…I love the mixed up way better than the all one color way. But it will be impossible to match up whites….and I had enough of this fabric. I bought it at a shop that was going out a of business a few years ago…it’s time to use it. IMG_6839

I also wanted to share pictures of my Daughter, Roo ( as we call her or Clarissa) ….she got new ballet clothes and was feeling a bit sassy. IMG_6807 IMG_6808 IMG_6809

She is growing up so fast…it’s hard to believe that she is 10.5. It’s difficult to think…since she is my baby. While looking in my yard..I saw this mum…it had bloomed over the weekend. It was a dying plant…and I decided to go ahead and try to plant it and see if I could revive it this last spring. I didn’t know what color it was or anything…..it’s so pretty. IMG_6810

The week is almost over…and I have plenty of work to accomplish. 🙂 But I am working on a scrappy quilt as well. I sewed together 500 HSt’s last week. So this weekend I will be putting that quilt together hopefully. 🙂

I love making something from nothing.

What all are you all working on? Anyone doing the Mystery Quilt?





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