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I saw this on Pinterest last night. I was filled with all sorts of gooey happiness that can only happen when you are completely and totally in love with something that conjures up all sorts of ideas and gets those creative juices to overflow.

Embroidered Quote quilt



YES! I have been on an embroidery kick for quite some time…I actually have another quilt top finished with 54 little stitcheries I made while on Christmas vacation….yes 54. I may have had a few TV marathons with my family…..one word. NETFLIX. It’s my kryptonite.  But I digress.

Anybody that knows me….like truly knows me…or has been reading my blog, facebook or anything for any significant amount of time knows I love quotes.  A piece of fabric with a quote, a quilt with a  quote, A journal of quotes…..books of quotes. I put quotes on my quilt labels. I quilt them in…I will write them down even if I lose the paper….just to hear that one quote and the act of writing down something that I think is profound in the moment…well it just does something to my soul….like little wings flap and releases something good in my senses.   If you only knew how much all of that happened. I am not good with poetry …but I appreciate it so much. I appreciate the comfort & wisdom of scriptures. I love a good book. I love the wisdom of the trailblazers before me. I just want to be surrounded by those words. It’s funny how a piece of art. A simple sentence or a useful item can conjure up feelings within us. A friend of mine shared a letter her son had to write to an inanimate object  as an assignment. IF I had to write a love letter like that the first thing on the top of my head was to write about a quilt.  Of course.  But I think we all have a little of this in all of us whether we are artists or crafters or not. A simple smell can take us back to a memory from long ago…..If I smell old spice I think of my grandpa. If I smell lilacs I think of  Grandma Nay. It conjures up a happy memory that we may have thought we had forgotten. It’s there in our senses..just waiting to be released. That’s how a good quote will make me feel. Liks its been inside resonating within me…just waiting to come into my consciousness.

After I saw this quilt I just knew it was going to be something I had to make. I love the re-purposed linens and buttons. The simplicity of it all. The treasure is all of the words on the patchwork. The different type of text and sizes ect.  That’s it. simple.beautiful.meaningful.

The owner & maker of the quilt has this blog. I want to give credit where credit is due.


So I have decided to make this a weekly challenge for all of you. I am going to make 1 block a week. I will embroider mine. I have decided to use different shades of linen and I am going to make my squares 8.5 by 11. The reason being -> I am going to put my quotes, scriptures, song lyrics in word and use different fonts to print them out. I will share all of mine with you if you want to follow along. I am going to print them in landscape…so in order to make a queen size quilt I will need a setting of 8×12 which will be 96 rectangles. That will get a me a quilt top that is 84×96 if I just use the squares.   But I am thinking of adding a linen border with buttons & lace to bring it all together. I love linen & lace.

Due to the fact that I am mixing & matching linens and fabrics…..I am not keeping track of yardage. But if you wanted to make 96 squares all the same you would get 5 rectangles from a third yard cut of fabric. So you will need 6.5 yards of fabric for all the rectangles. If you are just buying a bit here and there for the variety buy the yardage in thirds to get the most out of a cut. A FQ will only give you 2 squares. I also back my embroideries with a stabilizer..some use diaper flannel or muslin..I use batting. Whatever works best for you. If you are going to just tie it like the original…batting could be a great option so that you don’t have to add it later..it will be sewn in. That way you just have to add your backing once you complete your quilt top. I just use a flat cotton. It has a great look to the finished stitches in my opinion as well.

96 rectangles may seem like a lot. I think I will have a difficult time containing myself to just 96 quotes. However, if that seems like a scary- to much of a commitment- type project to you….by all means choose just a few…make them any size you want. Maybe a wall-hanging ect. Maybe just a lap quilt will seem enough for you-> or a wall-hanging. I would just love to see your progress and ideas.

I will embroider mine…but there is no reason if this quilt is something that you love and don’t want to invest that much time…you could print the designs out on fabric, paint the quotes, thread paint, use fabric pens, machine embroider ect. Make it your own. There are no rules.

I was also thinking about my color way…..I love the reds she used. I really thought about different shades of browns . Because I could tea dye some of my squares ect which will bring it a vintage look I love….I have actually decided I am going to use different shades of gray ( no pun intended…I would never watch or read that book) and also add in some browns & beige. I think it will just feel vintage to me. Plus I know I will get bored if I don’t change colors every now and again.   However, maybe you want a rainbow theme? Maybe a blue or purple? What is your favorite? What will speak to you? or represent you? I think a variegated thread for all of the designs would also be really pretty.

The whole fun of this quilt is finding the words that mean something to you.  However, I will be sharing mine with you each week….and I will make it a printable PDF that you can print off in case you want to use mine.  Who’s with me?

Here are some ideas I have:



~song lyrics


~ monograms

~ I will also include a signature block

~book quotes

~movie quotes

~words. Sometimes one word can have so much meaning to a person.

~things we say to our kids

~what is that funny memory that makes you laugh?


So to kick off my first block I printed this out. ( I am going to learn how to put a PDF in here so you can print it out yourself…in the meantime just email me and I will send you the PDF’s until I link them)


It is no secret that I am a HUGE Jane Austen Fan and I write down quotes of hers all of the time.  I have her books…and P&P is like my most favorite love story of all time. There is no way I could have a meaningful quote quilt without a quote from her. But the quote speaks volumes to me because I do value a tender heart. When you are a Christian you can see an authentic tender heart from a mile away and it is absolutely charming and beautiful. You want to surround yourself with that type of charm…for sure.

I will make a post on how I trace my designs if you need help with that.

I have to say it will take everything in me to leave all of that white space….I was thinking I could put a little heart image in there ect….but I am going to keep from acting on that impulse. ( I have a whole image in my mind of graphiti…bright colors lots of quotes…..ect but I will think about that a bit more before I act on it).  My whole philosophy has been “More is more” ( quote from Dolly Pardon) but in this case I really want “less to be more” and to keep the focus on the words. So I will fight those urges.  I will have my finished block tomorrow. I am going to work on my next block as well so I can be ahead of the game and show you a new one each week. 🙂

Even if you don’t want to actually make a quilt…please share your favorite quotes with me…I would love to feel inspired..and maybe one of your faves will make it into my quilt. 🙂

Have a blessed day! I will leave you with another Jane Austen quote:

“We All have a better guide in ourselves,if we attend to it, than any other person can be”







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