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I am going to share why quilt labels are important. At least according to “Charisma”……The rules according to me….and that doesn’t have much weight ->I guess. But I just thought I would share why I think quilt labeling is so important and you can agree or not.  But just hear me out because maybe you will agree? Maybe you won’t ..but at least you will think about it if you are not a label-er as of right now.

I try to label each and every one of my quilts. It doesn’t always happen I admit. But I absolutely try ….I would say I do 99% of the time if i gift it. If it has been in a show it’s labeled as well.

It doesn’t take long to label them….I will take a group of ten at a time and get them all labeled in an evening. If I think about it before hand I will have the label ready when it gets it’s binding so I can be done with all of the hand sewing already.

I use1 of  3 methods:

1 label panels.

Like these:

Pre-printed then I can just write in my info . <——click there is you want to order this panel.

Printed labels

I use these all of the time. The new Downton Abbey Line even has a yard of printed labels that look really nice right now. You can find that here.

Downton Abbey fabric labels


My shop has several types of these label panels anytime I go in…so if I run out I can just go buy a panel pretty affordable and I can label tons of quilts right?


The second method I use is my favorite method….I use Printed Treasures fabric paper.

You can get that here—————>Printed Treasures.

It is printer ready fabric that you can run through your home printer and it is washable, dryable ect. I prefer thismethod because I can type a special message to the person I am gifting the quilt…I can write details that one may not be able to fit into a pre-printed label. I try to include as much pertinent information as I can …just in case someone needs the story.
The 3rd method I use is to just write it directly on the back of the quilt. I may do this on small projects or wall-hangings. I will use a fabric marker..not a sharpie or anything that will compromise my quilt. This is probably my least favorite method.

So what are the reasons you should label quilts??
Thank you so much for asking.
1. Reason one is simply for the history. There are so many things that we say we will remember and we don’t. Life gets in the way and we can’t remember everything that we want to. If you only make 10 quilts in your lifetime maybe you will remember. I have made 100’s ( literally) and I can’t in no way remember everything. The other thing that I think is important is that those labels provide a timeline. I can see a great improvement in my skills through out the years. I like to have that reminder to keep me humble. I appreciate those terrible ones from the beginning-> they got me to where I am. In a few years I may think what I have been doing this last year aren’t real good? Who knows? Or Maybe I will appreciate myself more? There are some little wall hangings that my extended family have from my early days ( Christmas gifts) …I want them all back so I can re-do them and hand them back. They are terrible! But it is what it is. Not only that-> have you all heard of the Dear Jane quilt? How fabulous would it be if we had more that her name? what if she had the ability to print her story on the back of that quilt? Instead of filling in the gaps decades later..we may know more about this special quilt that has captured many of us.
On a label you should always include you first & last name, year , city & state. Those are the minimum requirements. ( According to Charisma)
2. I will say that you should label a quilt in case it gets lost or stolen. You still may never see it again..but you just never know. I have friends who have gotten quilts back in unusual ways after a terrible experience. After all of the heart, soul, time and money that goes into them…a little piece of cheap insurance wouldn’t hurt ….right?
3. Many times I use my label as a way to include a special message to the recipient of my quilt gift. Sometimes I will write a whole letter on the label and sew it to the back. If it is a particularly special person or quilt. I want them to think of me every time they use it. Well not exactly me..but how much I love & appreciate them. It’s a love letter that they get to hug and see every time they use that quilt. It’s not just a piece of paper that gets thrown away. How often can we do that? I may print a picture with my label….or write a story, song lyrics…..whatever I think will make that person feel special. A quilt is not a flimsy gift. It’s so heartfelt and I want that message to be heard loud & clear. 🙂 I can tell you from personal experience that my loved ones love those personal labels. So it’s not a waste of time….:)
4. The last reason to make a label is to give credit where credit is due. If I quilted a quilt I want credit it for it…good or bad. If I pieced it I want credit for that. If it was a collaboration I want to give credit for that. I do that with all my show quilts. I am the owner…but I want my friends to get their credit. 🙂
So I know you may have been thinking of ditching the labels this year….with all the business of the holiday season..but please take a second thought and give yourself credit, make a little insurance, keep the history and send a love note. It’s worth it. I think it’s just as important as everything else involved with the quilt process.
Many blessings


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