Quilt for a quilt?

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OK So last year I signed up for a quilt swap. Clearly I am a bit behind? Ya think?

Anyway my partner and I made our own timelines cause she and I were both behind…. I got my quilt a few months ago..YAY! I had hers pieced but not quilted….I wanted to do some fancy quilting. However…so many things have popped up…Shows ( that I didn’t know about until they fell in my lap) I planned a little trip to Haiti that took so much time….baby showers ect.

so finally I got this completed..I quilted simple designs so I could get it completed and off the frame…otherwise she may be looking at another year..just kidding…kind of.

It was always her dream to have a Mariner’s compass quilt…..I tried to do just that. I downloaded this MC…then took it to my local print shop and had it blown up to ALOT bigger. I am not sure what happened? If the images distorted when I printed them…or if I just lack at paper piecing/ because i cut off a few points and I am not sure how that is possible? Clearly it is homemade with lots of “Design Opportunities”…..cause it’s flawed.

Anyway it was a labor of Love for Victoria…I hope she likes it! It’s going TO Beth tomorrow …then off to Florida for it’s new home.

Thanks for being my partner Vicky…..always a pleasure!








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