Quick Pillow panel quilt

So a few years ago this line of fabric came out and sometimes I get suckered into buying panels. So many times I avoid panels..like several people because when you get them…you don’t know what to do with them…you feel like you can’t cut them, maybe you feel like you aren’t a “real” quilter because you didn’t piece it…so it feels like cheating? I don’t know. But I thought this panel was interesting and it would look good as a quilt. You had to buy them in sets of 2….so you can see that only 9 of them are used in this queen sized quilt. SO I actually do have a wall hanging or could be a table topper made using that 10th one.

 So I took each panel block and put border around each block and then sewed them together and added a border around the whole thing. It’s such a big quilt that I didn’t really feel like I needed to add much more than that.

I really thought that I would custom quilt it to bring each element of the blocks out and it would look very custom. All of the “cheating” I did to sew it together would have been ignored by all of the work I did with the quilting.

But then I decided It wasn’t that big of a deal to me and I would just load it on the computer because having it finished seemed like a better idea rather than waiting for intense quilting on a quilt that I will probably give away.

So I chose a sweet design.

So It is DONE!! YAY!

So it looks great! Don’t be afraid of those panels….just go with it and make something!





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