QOV’s by the Oregon Ladies

IMG_8749So I made contact with the ladies from Oregon when a call was made to me for Quilts of Valor (QOV). QOV are always needed for the troops coming back & Injured service people.

It’s a great organization that many quilters contribute in order to honor our service men & women. I feel this is a worthy cause…so I try to help when I can.

So I offered to quilt them and provide backing. IMG_8747

I know  that when our local group attended an event to honor our local service people the men were truly touched & honored. Many tears were shed and lots of love shared. The women who were honored to attend and present the quilts teared up just telling us about these wonderful service men ( in our case there weren’t any woman in attendance). So I would just like to say that they are not made or donated in vain..they are well appreciated. My son Carl made 10 quilts a few years ago while he was learning to sew & quilt. My friend Donna helped him and taught him as his coach.IMG_8748

So Faith and her Girls rounded up and made 4 quilts for me. They sent these to me a bit ago and I have just not gotten around to quilting them. I am a bit behind..but since I was up last night with a group of 11 teenage boys …I had time. So Tisha will be presenting these to a local group in her area coming back soon…very soon. I am going to see if she can get pictures for us. I am forwarding these on to her for binding..I have the labels complete. So I just want to give a hearty thanks to the Oregon ladies and their wonderful donation! I also want to say Thanks to Pat you also donated one….so a total of 5 were sent from my ladies! Thanks to all of you!  IMG_8746

I quilted all of them differently…but they all got all-over type designs. I used a heavy weight Kona Muslin on the back of them. IMG_8745Thank you all so much for looking & sharing your talents! It’s a blessing to all involved.


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