QOV For Sue

Sue made this for her son. IMG_7619

She participated in a block swap on the QB to get a variety of blocks. Then she made some personal blocks that she placed in the center of the quilt for her son. She put them all together and added some borders. Such a beautiful quilt. I know her son will love it! IMG_7620 IMG_7621 IMG_7622

We are a family that is thankful for our service people. A few of our boys are strongly considering the military and we encourage it for many reasons. But I can imagine the pride Sue has in her son! I know it’s not easy no matter which way you look at it. My family grateful for his service as well! IMG_7623 IMG_7624 IMG_7625 IMG_7626

I quilted it with loops, stars, swirls, feathers and L’s. It all came together so well! IMG_7627 IMG_7628

Thanks Sue & Jason! always a pleasure working with you!



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