Purple Stripes

122A few years ago Rob and I took a trip to Atlanta and Donna stayed with our kids. She was a brave soul and a good friend. Who volunteers to stay with 5 kids?

Donna does.

Donna’s Favorite color is purple and she loves batiks..so while I was having fun and NOT missing my kids…( LOL ) I picked up these batik fabric for Donna as a gift to say Thank you for those days of fun.

123I am pretty sure I got the better end of the deal..even though this is a lovely quilt.

124So of course I am going to quilt it for her…and show my gratitude. I quilted ferns and lines, stipple, bubbles…pretty much everything…to give it texture and show my love.

126 125-001

The back:

127-001Thanks Donna! always a pleasure to quilt for you!

I will see ya for lunch this week!

Love you!


3 thoughts on “Purple Stripes

  1. Such a lovely quilt. Charisma, sometimes I can’t get the captcha to work
    so you won’t see my comment but I always love your posts. Thanks!!

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