Prom 2015

Well another little warning sign that the end of the school year is near….PROM.

Bryce’s Senior Prom. Can I just say how much this makes me cry? I have another child graduating…How can I be this old? I am really not getting over this fast enough. LOL.

We bought his gown & cap. Yearbook. I submitted his 3 child hood photos for the Senior Slide Show. He is going to start packing his things to move. *tears & heartbreak* Only in a good way. I know i have to let him go. He and I are like oil & water….and as much as we are both excited for this new journey…we are both having a difficult time letting go. The bad thing for me is that once he leaves…I will be out of sight ouT of he will start living his life…me on the other hand..-> I will be waiting for any communication or proof of life. LOL


Getting back to Prom. Bryce of course went with Demi his long time girlfriend. Bryce has needed a haircut for some time…but between varsity soccer, work at McDonalds, Mr. Senior and school..he has had zero time to himself. Most days he wears a headband ( soccer practice) so his hair is off his face…and it’s a funky look….but it works for him.  So all of that to say he has his inner John Travolta coming out in 1977…or 70’s hair model maybe?

IMG_1657Bryce really wanted to buy a whacky & wild patterned Tuxedo..those are in style apparently…..but Bryce is just a little guy ( he HATES it when I say that) and we couldn’t find anything that fit his size. He didn’t give me enough time to see if we could have something made for him. So he thought ordering a gray suit was nontraditional enough.   SO we added the black shirt and turquoise vest & tie. Demi is pretty easy going about whatever he wants to wear….I would have had more of a say.  But I am just that way.

IMG_1666Demi looks WAY older than Bryce..but they are both seniors and the same age. What a cute couple. 🙂

IMG_1664IMG_1661I had to get pics of Bryce & Sergio. He is one of Bryce’s besties and they have gone to dances with just the 2 of them before..nice to see that this time they both have dates.


The two couples together:

IMG_1662 IMG_1663IMG_1667We went to our airport to get pictures.


So in the last week Carl also got a prom date. YAY!

IMG_1658 IMG_1659


Carl is always a gentleman and kind. We set him up on dates and he is always set up with beautiful girls.

IMG_1647 IMG_1648

Aren’t they just adorable?

IMG_1649 IMG_1650 IMG_1651 IMG_1652


Can I just say how super proud of Carl I am? He tried really hard to communicate and get out of his shell so he can enjoy these things. I am not sure how great of a date he is because he is not a conservationist. It’s going to take someone really special to understand him and communicate with him ect. I hope that happens. It’s a huge dream I have for him. He doesn’t want to be alone..but he needs alone time to re-charge. More than the average bear.

Brianna Requested that he wear turquoise and we got everything in the last minute. 🙂 whew! Carl was perseverating about everything all week..he even ordered his own corsage himself. He took the tie down to the florist..( that is a huge deal for him..I have been working on him a lot this year. Trying o get him to make his own appointments and take care of those types of things. He has had a learning curve. There have been a few times that he has come home to say “you know this would be a lot easier if you did this for me.” LOL Yes I know. But someday I may not be here and you have to grow up Honey. You can’t wear a sign that says “I have aspergers ” and let everyone cater to you. You have to function in a world that will roll over you if you don’t learn some skills. ) …and we went shopping for all of his clothes ect. everyday we had to go through what he needed ( several times) and go through the list….but in all honesty…he was so much better this time around than he was on the last dance…so I know it’s getting easier for him.

I have really had to learn to let go of him and make him do more thing instead of catering to him and babying him. It’s been difficult for me. But Rob makes me. There are a few things that I just know he is not ready to do I will jump in. But for the most part he is making great progress. When he graduates next year he will be staying home an extra year before jumping into college…full-time. I think we will all need that. I can’t have him melting down a few hours away. I would lose it. 🙂





I also got pictures of the Brothers.

IMG_1655 IMG_1654

These 2 Brothers. My oldest boys. They could not be more polar opposites. They don’t get along all of the time because of that. Carl is kind, gentle, Soft and forgiving. Bryce is hard, abrasive, a grudge holder and kind for the most part. LOL But you know form the moment they met Carl wanted an older take charge kind of brother/leader. Bryce immediately recognized Carl was different and kind of a wounded bird. He immediately loved him and wanted to protect him from Anyone.  When I wasn’t around Bryce stepped in to talk for Carl and communicate for him when I couldn’t. Bryce intuitively knew how to handle Carl without knowing there was a label to what it was. Bryce would comfort him in the night with night terrors… he would try and acclimate him to school ( when they were younger) and Bryce has no problem teaching Carl how to blend in socially. He will check on him at dances, school ect to make sure he is OK. A jerky kid at school called Carl a bad name one time and I thought Bryce would go unhinged and kill that kid. I like that about him. So even if they don’t look at the world the same…there is a bond. I tend to think that God had a hand in them coming together so show them how the other side looks.

I cry thinking that this chapter is coming to an end. They will no longer have this type of relationship. I know it will change and maybe even for the better or not…..that is just life. I can’t live in the last and there is a reason and season for everything. But I would just like to say that all of these memories and feelings I have are more precious than gold. I am super proud of my kids. My life and this journey.



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  1. thank you for sharing your family with your followers. I have enjoyed seeing your children grow up. I know you have had many trials and tribulations with them (what parent doesn’)It looks like your boys are well on their way. I know you are proud of them.

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