Primitive Gatherings Garden

021 Pat has done it again. She has sent this beautiful Garden.

She always makes beautiful projects that are a labor of love.


I have been in love with this quilt for years..I quilted one several years ago and have wanted to make one ever since. Now I have the pattern. 🙂

016 017Pat used wool applique on cotton backgrounds. I think I am going to do the same thing. I love the dimension of the wool and how easy it is to work with.

018 019 020

Look at the beautiful ombre ( sp?) sashing. It just gives it all a POP of color and sparkle…so beautiful!

021 022

I quilted each background differently to give it some texture & whimsy…of course. That is kind of my signature style.

023 024

swirls, curls, leaves, loops, echoing, pebbles ect. It all just comes together so fabulous!

025 026 027Thanks Pat! I always love your work! Beautiful work!

I hope you all have a bountiful harvest!




10 thoughts on “Primitive Gatherings Garden

  1. I don’t even think the word spectacular covers this one!
    And I don’t know how you do what you do with quilting but it’s amazing!
    Gorgeous gorgeous~!

    1. What a fantastic quilt! The perfect amount of whismy and excellence. Guess I’ll go plant another row of tomatoes since we r supposed to have a late season here in N.W. Arkansas. And make a difference with my sweet peas!!

  2. Your quilting leaves me in awe! I love your sharing your work! I am glad there are long-arm quilters out there and that you are one of them!

  3. Having done wool appliqué, I appreciate how much work this is! Your quilting is beautiful. Thank you for sharing!!

  4. Charisma – this is beautiful quilting. I have always admired your leaves…Ive tried them but they don’t look this good. whats your secret??


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