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Katrina brought this to me for the computer quilting special and I thought it was so cute! I was also super excited to try this circle design. I had tried a circle design on one of my own quilts early on…and it turned out well…but I was super upset because it wasn’t an “all-over” design so honestly I had to sit and babysit the machine because it had to be reset every single set…which took all day and it was exhausting. I loved how the quilt turned out but knew I would not do that every again….what a hassle. So I found a different design to accomplish the same look that will let me do an all over design. So I was able to test this out and it worked fabulous! Thank goodness!

It’s difficult to see…but they are perfect and fabulous!

Thanks Katrina! So glad to quilt for you! I hope to see you at MOdern quilt guild.

I hope you all have a great day!



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