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Charisma’s quilt requirements:

I charge .01 square inch for an all over large to medium stipple. This is freehand.

I now own a computer quilting system, A Gammill with a Statler system.

If you want all over designs, edge to edge (E2E) the price is .015 cents a square inch for simple designs. We will have a list available for you to choose from.

There will be a list of more dense E2E designs that will start at .0175 ( medium density)

There will also be a tier of E2E designs that will start at .02 cents a square inch. ( heavy density)

If you would like an all over design in the center of your quilt with custom borders the price will start at .025 cents a square inch.

If there is a certain digital design that you would like quilted on your quilt that we don’t currently have (or we have nothing comparable in our selection) we will ask that you purchase the pattern if it is over and above 20$. ( we can discuss this if necessary).

Custom quilting will start at .03 and up. I will give you an estimate after I see the quilt and discuss quilt planning.

I am posting a minimum charge of 35$

I  also raise my price for any significant amount of micro stippling, pebbling, ruler work and any other tight fill-in work that requires a lot of time. I can give you a price when we discuss design ideas.

We will address custom computer quilting when we graduate to that level but for now the computerized system is being used for E2E only and I will freehand all of my custom work until I feel like we can refine our skills on the computer.

We can talk about design options before you send me a quilt if you email pictures of your quilt to To get a price quote.. you can send payment with quilt, or you can send your quilt and I usually take a quilt out to look at it and think about design ideas a few days before I actually quilt it, I can send you a price at that time….with design ideas.


******* Referral Program**********

So due to the fact that I am trying to build up more clientele to bring Rob in as a full time partner-> I am offering a referral incentive to my customers. If you refer a friend to us that becomes an actual customer ( as in we quilt a quilt bigger than crib size for them) I will give the person who referred us a gift certificate for 1 of 2 options:

  1. you can get any size quilt quilted with an all over edge to edge computer design for a penny a square inch
  2. or 35$ off of a custom quilt of any size.

Back to quilt requirements:

The backing fabric needs to be 8 inches wider and longer than the quilt top (so I have 4 inches on each side)

We like to have the extra on the backing because quilting sometimes takes up some of the inches and also if I have tension issues I need to have a practice area. Each quilt presents different tension and thread issues. Also we use red snappers to load our quilts instead of pins. So we need the inches.

I also would just like to say I will work on pieced backings, sheets or whatever you send. I don’t have a preference about seam. I often piece scraps for my backings and I don’t have any problems. However…if you don’t have square backings ..or you have pleats in your pieced backings..or you don’t square up your scrap pieces before sewing a backing…I will not accept responsibility for pleats that are created by quilting. Also due to the way we load quilts…we  can’t guarantee that a quilt will be centered perfectly on a back. So if you have a reversible quilt….or if you sew on coping strips be aware that we may get some of that fabric on the back…we can’t guarantee that we won’t. So please use a fabric that you like for the back.

I would also like to say quilting is fluid….I ask for extra inches to allow for variances in pieces and quilting. I am a human quilter..I probably won’t sew that perfect straight line across the top and the quilt could be offset. If you have a preference for your backing please mark it….and know that I will do the best I can.  I can rarely line a quilt up perfectly, please don’t add coping strips around the backing that you don’t want showing in the quilt back… I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you….but it just saves us both heartache in the end.

If you need me to sew your backing It will be an additional fee of 10$ a seam.

If it is a vintage quilt please let me know ahead of time because sometimes depending on the quilt….I may only be able to quilt a stipple or some kind of loose all over design…so I can ease in any puckers or wonkiness…Custom quilting may not be an option.

I also reserve the right to use whatever color bobbin thread best suits the situation. Sometimes I try to match the backing….sometimes I have to match the top thread. It just depends on tension.

I ask that you pay shipping to me and from me. Whatever it costs you to ship it to me just pay that same amount in your payment . If there is an extra charge for bulk after I get your quilt done, I will bill you.  I will ship using the most affordable option…if you have a preference let me know. I use all three shipping agencies, USPS, UPS, and fed-ex. I live in a small community , I know many of my delivery carriers and all my neighbors.

I offer 4 types of batting:

Hobbs poly down batting  at $5.00 a yard and it’s 108 inches wide

Legacy natural cotton  with scrim at $7.50 a yard and it is 96 inches wide

Legacy Bleached white cotton with scrim at $7.50 a yard. it is 96 inches wide

Legacy 80/20 cotton-poly blend batting at $7.50 a yard. it is 96 inches wide

I can use any batting on the market if you don’t prefer any of these you can always send or bring me any batting that you want in your quilt. I just cant store every type of batting in my studio.

I accept personal checks, money orders and concealed cash at your own risk. But with personal checks I have to wait 7 business days for them to clear before sending back the quilts. I prefer personal checks or money orders (now) only because I am paying so much in Paypal fees. But I will accept anyway you are comfortable with paying. Please make checks payable to Charisma Horton

As far as turn around time.  I am upfront when you contact me about my turn around time, I am usually pretty fast but of course there are seasons and vacations that can interfere with the schedule. But I have never not met a deadline if I have promised.

I have also brought in a friend to sew bindings as it is so time consuming and I would rather spend time quilting myself than bind.  Her name is Beth, I trade her to do my bindings as well.

She sews the binding to the top of the quilt and then attaches them to the back by hand. She charges $25.00 for the first 100 inches and then .15 cents for each additional inch.

If you just want the first step done and sewed to the top I will charge $20.00 if you prepare the binding.

If you want your binding machine sewed on to the back and then machine attached to the front she will charge 25.00 for the first 100 inches and then .10 cents for the each additional inch.  Please allow an extra week or 2 from my turn around time for this service…we will update you if she is on vacation or has an extremely large bundle on hand.

If you would like to put your quilt in a show I should know ahead of time. If it is a juried show the cost will be more for burying threads ( 1$ thread). Or I can keep the threads long and let you bury them for no extra cost. I am not fully aware of all the rules for every show. If you want to send me a link or form with your quilt with the requirements of the show..I will be happy to follow them.

Please label your quilts with specific requests and your user name or email address so I can contact you about arrival, design ideas, and anything else I may need to contact you.

Thank you!

20 thoughts on “Pricing Info

  1. hello just found you I am very new to quilting I just nearly finished a quilt only to realize ow tat I have made i too big for me to quilt it at home on my machine, I nearly died when the local person told m the price to have i done, I don wantt any thing specia just quilted so I can bind it and give as a gift.I can get back t you with better sizes but bacially have made it to fit a queen bed. have you any rough idea on price please
    thank you

  2. Hi Charisma, I was checking out your prices and I want to know if .017 is 17 cents? I was a bit confused by the 0.

    1. HI Debbie,’s actually .017 …the formula would be LxW x.017 so say a twin is 70×90 = the total would be 107.10. If it were actually .17 it would be way more…1071.00. Just email me if you have any more questions or need a quote..I will be more than happy to help.

  3. Love your work. You’re a gifted person. I have a quilt I would like for you to quilt. It is 113 x 114. Please tell me when and where to send it.
    Thank you.

  4. I just love your custom quilting and I am in Florida and I have a quilt that is 70 X 90 which is appliqu and pieced and for you to custom quilt it, the cost would be .02 per inch which would be about $126.00 – is that correct? I would send you the batting and backing material all ready for you.

  5. Hi Charisma, I have seen your gorgeous work on QB. I read your guidelines nd pricing info and would like to get into a slot for a custom quilt project in the month of December (if possible) and another in February. One of these may go into our guild show. Please advise if these timeframes are feasible. Also, I love baptist fan quilting on my traditional quilts and would love to have your team do that when I hav something finished. Do I need a scheduled appointment for Overall Baptist fan quilting? (I will be shipping from and to FL). Thanks!

  6. Long time admirer of your work. I made my first quilt before 1st grandson was born in 2010 and love the creative process of choosing fabrics and patterns. I loved seeing your work posted on the quilting newsletter before all the changes. Don’t look at it nearly as often as I used to. Glad I found your site. Looking forward to having you or one of your team members quilt a couple quilts for me.

  7. I have a 51″x61″ top that I quilted but my backing is only about an inch on the long ends. The sides are 3 or 4 inches. Is this something you can quilt? Also what would be the charge to do an all over quilting?

  8. I have a Quilt that I want to send for all over meandering. I want to add a few iron on appliqués and maybe a sew on appliqué. Can I do that BEFORE I send it to you?

  9. I contacted you quite a while back about quilting a few things for me and now I’m ready to send off my first. It’s 46 X 59 and I’ll let you do your artistry on it. Enclosed in the box is the top, bottom, and binding. This is a wallhanging, large star on top right with charm square around it ( a Jennie Doane pattern). Yes, I want it bound. I need to know address to send it, etc…… Thanks. Nancy

  10. I just finished a quilt top and would like to be placed on your schedule. You come highly recommended. I can email you a pic of it.
    Could you please email me so that we can start the conversation as to the specifics? I do not need it bound.
    Thank you

  11. I have a couple of full/queen size tops I would like to have quilted. Could you please email me so we could discuss.

    Thank you!


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