Preston’s 14th Birthday

IMG_6294Preston was born 14 years ago today. I truly thought he would be my last baby. I treated him that way far to long…even far after Clarissa was born.

Preston was such a good baby. He slept long hours through the night and he has always been bigger in comparison to the other kids….but he still seemed small to me because he has 3 older brothers. Preston wasn’t even a year old before my ex husband and I separated. He never knew what it was like to live with his dad. It was a tumultuous time in my life. I always felt bad that as a baby he didn’t get a good home. It wasn’t until he was about 12-18 months that I could really breath easy.

Preston came out fighting and he’s been fighting his whole life. Fighting to keep up, fighting to compete and fighting to be better.

When Preston was 3-4 we would go to all of his brothers games on the soccer field, T-ball ect.   He so badly wanted to be on a team. But he was to young. He practiced with them at home. …He knew he could play. The only thing that was offered to 4 year olds was ballet. So I enrolled him. I sat the older kids down for a meeting before telling Preston and told them that under no circumstances could they make fun of him. I had to threaten them with their life.  When I asked him if he wanted to join Ballet…he was so excited! He just really wanted to have his own activity. This is him posing for a football shot when he wasn’t old enough to play football. LOLSkeleton Man

Fast forward to 5 ….he was finally able to join a soccer team. His first game he scored 25 goals. The coach yelled out on the field “Preston, Can you let someone else have the ball?” Preston replied “None of them know what they are doing!” LOL It was true. He had already been playing for 3 years with his older brothers. That is pretty much how his life has gone.

People have always treated him older than he is….more has been expected of him. Most times he can deliver.

He found his niche with math team.he could beat them (his brothers) upside down & sideways with math. But I am not sure he really loves competing on math team as much anymore….he will choose sports over that. But they have had to accommodate his math in school. He is working at a high school level. (He’s in 8th grade…he’s been at a high school level since 5-6th grade….so maybe he’s higher than that now?)

I remember when I was pregnant with Clarissa…he was so excited just to be a big brother. It was such a big deal to him. Now those two fight like cats & dogs. The strongest personalities in the house are Bryce, Preston & Clarissa. If there is a fight in the house it always involves one of  these 3. This is The youngest two when Clarissa was 2 and he was 4.My Babies

I am excited to see where life will lead Preston. He could be a very strong leader if he just didn’t doubt himself so much. It is very difficult to raise Strong Personalities…strong willed children. As much as you can see their strengths shining through you can also see the struggles.  Preston wants to lead and then gets wishy-washy. Doubts his decisions. Doesn’t want to stick to anyone thing. That’s a horrible thing for a leader. He thinks to much based on his emotions. He can also be a victim and retract. I am not really sure how to handle those types of issues. So I struggle trying to bring out the best in him. So It’s like he always wants to be second in command so he won’t be at fault for anything but he has all the amazing skills of first in command? If that makes sense? It’s like he has just assumed role of youngest brother for life? Maybe that is his lot in life……but that is all by his own choice. It’s funny raising 4 boys so close in age. It’s not easy. I have to pray everyday and hope I am doing a good job.

Some things Preston is struggling with at this time in his life:

1. acne

2. Hair styles……..he’s got nothing on girls. He is always stressing about which hair style to have

3. organization (Good Gravy..this kid is completely unorganized…yet he knows where everything is)

4. puberty

He walks home with mostly girls. He loves all the ladies. Preston never thought girls had cooties. He never went through that stage…he has always been a ladies man. I am pretty sure my hair will be white or gone by the time he gets through high school. Next year he will be a freshman….all four of my boys will be in high school at the same time. Lord help me.

These are the boys when they were young and I had no idea the adventures we would go on with hormones, ladies and driving ect. I am only half way through. (please pray for me)  4 heads are better than 1

Next year at this time he will be getting his driving permit….How is that creeping up so fast? I am blessed. I am blessed to see what this boy will become and where life will lead him.

When I was pregnant with him I loved pizza. I ate pizza all the time. Pizza has always been his favorite food..guess what he requested for dinner tonight? Yep! Pizza.

Strong leader or second in command…he will be great!

Happy Birthday Preston! I love you, Mom.





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