Preston had his first job interview this last week.

So I snapped a few pictures. He is such a handsome guy. IMG_9207

They have to try & be serious in all their photos.IMG_9208

He’s grown so much in the last 6 months. He’s taller than I am. He’s also taller than Bryce. I think since he’s the youngest and still has some growing time he’s probably going to be taller than all of the other boys. It kind of fits with the them of his…they he has to keep up with them and try to out do them because he always has to prove himself to them.

SO much has changed in the last year. He started 8th grade with a Faux hawk and a TMNT shirt. Now he’s going to be a Freshman. SO his hair is flat and he is starting to take more pride in the way he looks. Washing his face a bit better. This poor kid has the most acne in the house and I feel bad for his face. I am thinking of taking him to a dermatologist.

I am super proud of him. I think he’s handsome, smart, athletic, polite ( mostly) & thoughtful and he has the whole world ahead of him. He can do or be anything he wants to be. I just want to remember this time in his life.

This is what happens when your mom says “Now can I get a smile?” IMG_9209

If that’s all I will get I guess I have to accept it. It’s difficult to make that pretty face ugly……so I guess it is what it is. LOL

I hope you all have a wonderful day.



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