Preston is 17

Today is my youngest son’s birthday. He is 17.

Preston is in track, works at Mcdonald’s, and he is currently a junior in high school. He has had a transforming year. Last year at this time we asked him to move once the school year was over. It was difficult at first because he had hard feelings and I talked about our reasons why ( in this blog at the time)…but now that we are a year out I think we are all happy with the choice.

I think Preston had/has some maturing to do….and I think he needed to get out of this town and make new friends. I think he was too comfortable here and things had to be shaken up. He is doing well in school, has a nice girlfriend and he is focused on all of the right things.

He has joined a computer IT program in his new school and he is learning IT work, building computers and learning how to build programs ect. They don’t offer anything like that in our small town and he is really interested in it. SO he is thinking he will go to tech school after high school and pursue that as a career. So who knows if that will actually happen…but the fact that all of these new options have opened for him as a result of the choices we have made to have him move…makes me feel validated. I have peace about where  he is currently. He seems to be doing better than any of the other boys in my family.

I struggle with his strong personality , his need to be right even when he knows he is wrong and his immaturity. But I do like that he stands his ground and has personal pride. Hopefully, that can be channeled into good things for himself.

I also like that he is a good saver and seems to manage his money better than some of my kids. So all around I am just praying for the best and hoping it works out. I am struggling with some of the other kids’ choices currently so it seems to take up space in my head.

Although, Preston is a score keeper and he is almost elated that some of the other kids have gotten a lower status in my mind he has risen to the top and gotten the label of “golden Child” at least for the time being. LOL, There really isn’t a “status” I love all of my children the same…but it’s a running dialogue of who is my “favorite”.

I have no answers for anything….I am beginning to think that all of these kids are who they are and they get to choose to be successful or not ( success is defined differently by everyone..I am not referring to money). I don’t get to choose. I raised them with morals, information and opportunities. Preston is at the tail end of childhood and he is about to enter adult hood and my heart breaks in one minute thinking about it…but then beats faster in the next knowing if he will choose the right and narrow path. I have no control and I guess that the beast of it all…..or the beauty. However I choose to look at it..and that changes moment to moment.

What I do know is that I love You, Preston. I hope you have a wonderful day. Forever and always, MOM.

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