I got presents last week. I know…it was my birthday …but I also got unexpected presents.

A box arrived from Lori which I thought was strange because she is really good about telling me when she sends a quilt…so I thought hmmmmm?

I opened it up to find these:IMG_6152


YAHOO! Presents!

Lori went to Bali in May. She said it was a trip of a lifetime. She picked up so many batiks…she toured several factories and got the information on the whole process. She even had the experience of making her own batik.

She sent me some gifts for her trip:IMG_6156


Aren’t they beautiful?

I am so excited! What a blessing! I am going to hoard save these for a special quilt. So I will have to see what speaks to me in time. It’s funny how that happens isn’t it?


Each quilt has it’s own personality…it speaks to us and tell us where it belongs as well.

I also have these beautiful beaded purses. Clarissa keeps trying to snatch the smallest one from me…and I won’t give it to her…cause I am selfish. LOL IMG_6157IMG_6154


And these beautiful coasters:IMG_6155

Thanks Lori! You are a blessing!

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