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I know it’s been a bit since a quilt has been posted. Sorry. I have tons to post. It’s just been super busy around here. I haven’t even been able to sew anything of my own…..but I did manage to quilt my Son’s graduation quilt I will share that later in the week. But I have been dreaming of quilting this quilt and I had all of the elements floating in my head…and they were finally just exploding to come out. Sometimes I have to act on that because it’s inspiring to me…and it keeps me from experiencing burnout during the daily grind of my job. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE-LOVE my job but just like with any job there is a downside and when you are constantly going-going-going during high peak times you have to find that place of rest to re-charge so you can keep going. Creative people will understand this….that if you find a project or task inspiring it will fix that even if it’s doing the same thing you always do… fact it helps me tremendously to do something highly creative to re-charge. So this was my “re-charge” project.


My MOST favorite type of quilting is quilting that tells a story. When my work shines is when I get to tell a story within the elements of quilting…it all “makes sense” doesn’t it?


So I made this quilt a few months back….You might remember a few quilts I made in the past…that seem familiar to this. There is Hope and there is Love. Now we can add Pray to this series.


So I think, I talk about God just a little bit…he’s my lifeline and the reason I wake up each day. If not for the open communication and prayer I would not be here today. I know this in my core. I wanted to represent the story of prayer to me through my quilt. I had all of the elements worked out in my head except one area when I pinned it on….and I knew once I started it would come to me.


First I knew I would quilt an arrow pointing up for the Pray. We pray and our prayers go up to Our Father. we pray because of all of the chaos in our lives-> so one side of the cross is just chaos. nothing makes sense…and it’s random…nothing organized and it’s a mix of everything.  You can can assign that mess anything you want. Than the Pray Arrow interceded and delivers communication to God.


He hears our prayers…and he speaks to us. He gives us peace. But more importantly he knows that we all need to hear or see things differently. So each ray from the Sun represents a different form of communication. So we have many ways to see, hear, taste, feel his presence.



Then all of those pebbles of wisdom, faith, love, hope, basically whatever we need fall down and we catch them in our net. That’s the cross hatching …my net. As you can see I purposefully left areas of the net with gaps un-quilted because sometimes we are imperfect and we let those pebbles, pearls ect fall through the gaps.




Under the net..the swirls represent putting those pearls into motion. He can answer our prayers all day and night..but if we don’t hear him, grab them and put them into motion then it’s our fault not his. He does everything to help us and answer us. We have to be open to receiving his messages because he sends them.


Here is the back of my quilt.


I feel recharged and thankful that I get to tell this story through my talent. I know when it all comes from…my lifesource.

If any of you need prayer…please contact me. I will gladly do that for you.

However, know that your prayers are heard day and night.

Love Always




11 thoughts on “Pray

  1. Thank you once more for sharing your thoughts ans wisdom, Charisma. I know you are one of God’s special messenger angels to help others while letting your talent shine and dazzle us. We are blessed to have you among our group and please know that I, among many, really love and appreciate you. May you continue to shine upon us with His Glory!
    Much love, my dear one. R,

  2. Oh Dear One,
    this is exquisite
    I love how you made this make sense
    May all your prayers be answered as you need them

  3. It’s absolutely beautiful. The quilt, the meaning and the love. Thank you for taking care of all the quilters out there! ❤️

  4. Oh my gosh, I’m speechless!
    The quilt is stunning and your meanings to each design is absolutely incredible!
    Thanks so much for sharing this magnificent work with us!

  5. Stunning. Love the hidden pearls within the design. And the sun (SON) shining brightly with each ray telling a story. I thought of so many Bible stories when I saw your design: the net became a fishing net telling the story of feeding the 5000 with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread, and the arrow pointed upward reminded me to be thankful and to remember to look up to Him. Had to go back and view the HOPE and LOVE quilts; so beautiful. Your quilts are always a joy to behold and I’m in awe of your creativity and workmanship.

    I pray that you will have all you need in the days ahead, peace, time and an abundance of Love.

  6. You are amazing my friend. I love you and know that your prayers have held us up many times. You are loved,admired and missed.

  7. You are right, Heavenly Father is near us and knows and loves all of us very well. And yes, you are right He does and will answer all of our prayers.
    Love the symbolism of your quilting and I love the quilt and your faith. Kathleen

  8. What a beautiful way to express your faith! You are a daughter of the King and you draw others to Him. God bless you!

  9. Wow!! I’m sitting at my desk at work in tears. Your “storytelling” in this quilt is so amazing and enlightening. Thank you. Thank you. He does indeed speak through you!

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