Praises For God!!

So we had this great Saturday night. Homecoming and great times. Carla was here for the weekend..we had a low-key, comfortable time. As we usually do.

Bryce came home at midnight and asked to play video games with his friends a bit more. I told him no. He needed to come home & go to bed. Bryce thinks he is invincible and that nothing will ever catch up to him or get him.  I am always telling him to go to bed early if he needs to get up early & drive. He had to get up at 5 am to drive to Spokane ( 2 hours away) on the interstate. He is going to be 18 next month and I am constantly hearing that I need to “Cut the cord” and let him make mistakes so he can learn. I hear this from both of the dads. Bryce is always telling me that I am paranoid and I need to trust him more. It has nothing to do with that…and more to do with the fact that I am a realist …and I have foresight to see when bad choices are being made. I was so tired…that I couldn’t stay awake to greet everyone when they got home late Saturday night…I stayed up until Midnight …then Carla took over for me.

I got a call from Bryce early Sunday morning. He said “Mom I am OK ..but I was in an accident. Dad is here and we are handling everything.” I said “OK. I am glad you are ok” I didn’t really ask any questions. I did assume he had fallen asleep at the wheel..and he said yes. I was in shock. I think I was in shock because every nightmare I had dreamed of …came crashing in at that moment. Bryce isn’t a good communicator so I called Landon. ( his dad) He was closer to his dad’s house so he called him.  Landon said he was ok…the ambulance released him. I got a few more details from Landon…..he said he was just thankful Bryce had come by himself because the passenger side of the car was completely crushed and if someone was sitting there the chances of them surviving would be slim. Bryce was saved by his seat belt…..The state trooper told him if he hadn’t been wearing his seat belt that he would have been thrown from the car and who knows if he would have made it at all.

Bryce car accident


The thing is…if Bryce and his girlfriend hadn’t broke up..she would have been with him. Cole was also supposed to go and decided not to because he was to tired from staying out late for the dance… one car ride …for a sleepy teen who thinks I am paranoid…I could have lost 1 or more children. My heart is so grateful that that wasn’t the case. As soon as I got off the phone with Landon..I cried ->bowed my head and started praying. Thanking God my son was safe. Everyone else was safe ect.  GOD saved a car load from harm this last Sunday. It could have been a fatal accident ..that could have been prevented from a prideful, stubborn teen that thinks nothing bad can happen to him.

Anyone with a teen understands this mentality..I know.

when I picked  up Bryce we had plenty of time to talk on the long drive home. He told me he knew God was with him, protecting him. He woke up after it was to late to correct..he tried but he started rolling…he was scared and suddenly blacked out. He doesn’t remember a thing about rolling. He said he thinks God did that …because if not he may never get in another car again much less drive one because  he remembers being really scared. He woke up -upside down…and unbuckled his seat belt. Immediately started searching for his phone.   Couldn’t find it. Then he tried to wave down some cars to help him..he was on Interstate 90. He said it took a long time..nobody would stop to help him. Finally an Arabic trucker stopped. Bryce said it was very difficult for them to understand  each other…but the guy eventually called his Dad..Landon said the man was really difficult to understand…so he finally let Bryce talk on his phone.  He immediately got in the car to get him. Bryce’s phone had been thrown from the car ..they found it once they called it and started looking in the field.

bryce car accident 2

Bryce has no injuries. No seat belt welt. Nothing. He’s pretty spotless. How he can walk away that free is a miracle. I am a pretty happy momma! I told Bryce .”There is a reason. There are no coincidences. God has a plan for you and he saved you…don’t waste this opportunity.” He told me he knew. He felt it already.

I surely hope this is his rock bottom and he will start listening to me when I warn him.

He feels terrible because he no longer has a car.

material things are not of my concern. But I am also glad he gets to learn this lesson. His parents aren’t going to save him with this lesson either. He hasn’t been managing his money well. He needs a car to work ect. He is on his own to replace his car. If he had been saving his money for a rainy day…..he may be able to go buy a car….but stereo equipment, eating out ect seemed more important. So he gets 2 lessons for the price of one. He’s going to be 18 next month…I can’t think of a better time for these lessons to come into place. 🙂

So I experienced this nightmare…..I hope I never have to again..honestly. I hope nobody ever does. It’s heart wrenching. I am just glad mine ended well. I pray for all others who haven’t had our experience. I can’t imagine that feeling. I am truly very sorry for your loss.

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  1. I am so thankful your story had a happy ending! I have also been in that situation. My oldest had a very close call within 6 months or so of getting his license. He was going too fast around a curve and couldn’t stay on the road. He ended up between a 2000 lb concrete statue – knocking it off it’s base and a police car that would surely have cited him for speeding even if he didn’t plow into it, totaling the police car and his own. Fortunately, he hit his passenger side to the cruiser’s passenger side and no one was injured. He was a bit cocky about it after, I overheard him bragging how he nailed a cruiser…I told him he wouldn’t be smiling when he went to court and the bills started coming in. He paid dearly for insurance for a very long time after that! He was paying $3600/yr to insure a $500 car! He’s a much better/safer driver now, thank God. My sympathies to anyone who doesn’t have the same happy endings that we did. It’s got to be devastating.

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