Prairie Star

I think this is the Prairie Star? Hawaiian Star? I can’t remember which Judy Niemeyer pattern this is. …but it’s one of hers. Quiltworks.


Jenn made this..she always does a beautiful job. She loves paper piecing and she is pretty prolific. We traded….I can’t wait to show you the quilt she put together for me. 🙂



So I quilted Straight lines in the center Star…curls….to match the curly feather in the outer border….I just wanted a different texture in every portion of the quilt. I have to say I kind of get intimidated anytime one of these types of quilts come across my frame….It’s a good challenge to come up with good stuff to compliment them.


I love Jenn’s color choices…beautiful & soft….but still earthy & organic.

IMG_1214A few more:

IMG_1216 IMG_1217

Jenn used a flannel backing for her quilt……She uses her quilts…so she wants them comfy. I love that!



Thanks Jenn!

Have a great weekend, Every Body!


One thought on “Prairie Star

  1. I’m taking the Prarie Star class later this year & Love this quilt; do you know what colorway was used in it? Thanks

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