Prairie Flower Quilt

I am pretty sure I have shared this before….but there is this handy little app on my phone that I just adore ….the Missouri Star Quilt Company App. They are just genius! Because if I am bored or need some inspiration. I will open up my app and see what Jenny has put together.  It’s really addicting….honestly.  It’s free and easy to follow.

Well I can’t even tell you how many of the quilts I have actually put together…but this is one of them. the prairie flower. I thought it was perfect for this bundle of fabrics I had. I bought a kit for a steal of a deal at a quilter’s yard sale…and the fabrics were all name brand….but the pattern had applique and template work….so I kind of ditched the pattern and thought I would use it for something else. So I used them in this quilt and it worked out well I just had to add a few greens from my stash.

I tried to quilt each of the flowers a little different. I used an infinity design in the white areas and leaves and a feather to frame it all in.

There is a daisy quilt on the app that uses the same kind of techniques as this one…so I think it will be my next one. 🙂 🙂

I dipped into my extra wide backings stash to back this one….and I feel good having this queen sized quilt finished! I just like it because it still seems a little fresh even though it’s traditional.

🙂 I hope you all have a wonderful day…Take time to smell the flowers.


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