So every fall the boys play a game called “PowderBuff” It’s a volleyball game…each of the high school classes have a team -> then they all play against one another..than the winner of the classes plays the Teacher team.

The goal is to dress as goofy as you can….and I am not exactly sure what else. I have never actually made a game. But every year the boys want pink fabric to make headbands…and they borrow Clarissa’s Clothes…because apparently wearing shorts that are 10 sizes to small is the thing to do??

Preston was the only one who didn’t really dress down as much

He of course was on the “Frosh” team

IMG_0284 IMG_0281 IMG_0280

I could only get pictures of Cole & Preston before I left for pottery class…. Here is Cole:

IMG_0282 IMG_0283Clarissa took pictures of Bryce…because he wasn’t ready before I left…..OH MY GOODNESS! I don’t even have words..for how ridiculous he looks!

IMG_0287 IMG_0288 IMG_0289 IMG_0291

I am pretty sure he is the winner of the ridiculous uniform contest!

A day in the life of High school Powder Buff players. Yes. indeed!

I hope you have a smile today!



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