Polly’s Modern Travel Bee Quilt


I am in LOVE with this quilt.

677 678

The last 2 years my Modern Quilt guild ( if any body in my area is interested we meet every Third Thursday of the month in Moses Lake …Just contact me) has done a Travel Bee. A travel bee is different that a regular Round Robin because we start with a “center” or inspirational block and each month it travel through the members and they add whatever they want. It could be a border, a block, a row, whatever they want. They can sew it on to the center block or they can just add it and eventually at some point someone in the rounds will start sewing things together or not….there are no rules. And the nice thing about each month is that we get to see what each person added.

675 676 677

I this case Polly started with several modern blocks and just asked that we all add more modern blocks….They are improve pieced and we were to use gray backgrounds.

680 681Polly is a talented pattern designer and maker. But she is not as confident in her free motion quilting ..so she asked me to treat this “sampler” of quilting designs. She is going to hang this and use it as inspiration for quilting ideas.

Good Golly! YOu know how much I love that!! So you know this has just about everything in it.

682 683 684

Here’s the back:

685 686 687 688

Thanks Polly! always a pleasure to work with you!


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