Please pass by if you don’t want to hear anymore about this subject. I am certainly tired of it myself.

I really just want to record this because it’s something that is consuming my mind, conversations and I am thoroughly dreading this election.  I am not here to sway you into doing anything. I will also not claim to be the smartest person in any arena. especially, Politics.

There are so many topics to discuss …just open any news outlet or social media page. It’s EVERY-WHERE and now it’s here too…sorry for that. But I am much more faithful to this blog and writing my feelings here rather than anywhere else and this needs to be captured. Years later when all of this is behind us and my kids are wondering what was happening in my mind…they will have this blog to refer too. It’s a reason I love this blog. My own thoughts, words, & feelings are here for them to reflect on ..long after I am gone. That is one beautiful part of my blog. So that’s why I am posting this.

I just want to preface all of this by saying that I am a republican. Most of my views are republican. However, I have not always voted republican.  I also want to say that I have always taken the privilege of voting very seriously. The year I turned 18( or 19) was a year I could actually vote for a president and I remember waiting in line for an hour so I could vote for my candidate and I was GLAD to do it. I was so excited that I could actually vote. I remember in the 80’s at my grade school we had a vote for the kids and I wrote Ronald Regan (sp?) on my ballot and I was so proud of that he won that year and I was so young…I felt like I was on the winning team…..and apparently the republican voting started early. 🙂 My mother hated that I voted for RR. We have never voted the same apparently ..she gave me grief ..even as a child,…when my vote didn’t actually count? seriously strange and probably why I remember that election.

Being a woman born in America is such a privilege and I am thankful to be a part of this country. Even in this tumultuous time when we are so divided.

As my kids have been raised we would expose them to the debates and talk to them about the process. Not just one or the other….but all of them. We wanted them to form their own opinions and learn on their own of what was important to them. Although, Rob and I do agree on most things ..politics, religion ect. Some issues were more important to each of us than others. So we haven’t always voted the same. We made that known to our kids so that they could also feel free to choose based on their own important issues.

This last 18 months has been flat our terrible. Seriously? I watched in horror as my fellow republicans gave the nomination to someone who is not a die hard republican and sways with the wind.  I happen to be a feminist ( Women’s studies was my minor in college) and I cannot vote for HRC. I think both of our candidates are awful and the choice makes me not want to vote.

Here is my take on this impossible decision:

I am stuck. Do I vote for my party affiliation? A party I feel has betrayed me. My reason for voting for the republican party would be to not vote for HRC. I can’t stand her- she is such a criminal and I hate that she is our first viable woman candidate. But the other reason I would vote for my party affiliation is to protect the republicans that are already a part of the senate and congress.  The supreme court Justice choices are also going to be so important in this next year and whomever gets elected is going to control that. If HRC gets voted in she is going to dismantle all of them slowly but surely. She is catering to her special interests. I think change needs to happen and she is not going to change in the direction that needs to be changed. She is going to change in the direction of her pocketbook. Now I am no fool…I don’t believe that DT is not catering to special interests either. He is the special interest. His friends are the special interests. I know he is rubbing elbows with all of these people and the fact that he is paying for his own campaign does not do anything to flatter me.

Rob and I have been in agreement on most every topic….and he has already decided that he is going to vote third party. He feels disdain for HRC and after these sexual allegations against DT he just refuses to vote for him. While I was trying to defend the republicans Rob ended every argument with some form of this :

“How will I explain to my daughter that I voted for him?”

“How can I vote for a man who refers to his daughter as a piece of ass? ”

“How can a father of daughters vote for him?”

“I have been in several locker rooms and I have never heard any men talk about sexually assaulting women”

How Do I argue with that?

I mean, I understand he was just “talking” ….it wasn’t a recording of him actually doing those things. He is a wealthy -famous man and has many women throwing themselves at him…..I am sure he lives a much different life than I have ever known…and I can’t possibly understand the temptations. However….there is a line. He crossed it..many times. I don’t condone it….but it doesn’t shock me. I have known this about him the whole time…so I am not sure how he got the nomination in the first place?

I am thankful I am married to Rob and not some creep that talks about women…not just any woman but even his own daughter the way that he ( DT) does.   But what is my choice? We as Americans are locked into 2 parties. This is just cruel.

what happens if I vote for a third party?

I throw away my vote.

I am struggling to find even a third party that I want to vote for because my values don’t align with many of them either.

But let’s say that I choose to throw away my vote. The reason I would choose that option is so that I could add my lonesome vote to the pile…not because I think it’s going to actually work to bring someone else in the running or even win ( I think HRC will find a way to corrupt that…and win anyway..like she did with the democratic nomination) . But if so many of us are disgusted and upset with these options we need to create change. The only way we can do that is by “sacrificing’ our vote and showing that there is truth/value in numbers. We want change and all pioneers of change do make sacrifices. We are all going to lose in this election anyway ->so why not lose by showing that we want change?

I am still torn and I don’t want to claim responsibility for any of this. But these are the thoughts running through my mind and heart. I am still thankful to be an American. I am thankful that I get a vote. I know we will survive no matter what…we don’t have a choice.

I am just going to pray that something radical happens and whomever is chosen isn’t as bad as we all think they are…..or that something radical happen to their hearts and real change happens from the heart. It’s my thread of hope for this election.

I want my children to know that their parents were thinking of them during this whole election process and their futures. We didn’t take this lightly. They have been at the forefront of our minds.

8 thoughts on “Politics.

  1. I truly understand your concerns…I also believe that 11 years can make a big difference in a person’s level of maturity, wisdom and honesty. Considering the alternative of a HRC presidency, I prefer to explain to my children and grandchildren that what Trump said was repulsive and reprehensive but actions speak much louder than words and in this race I would rather have a true patriot who will stand behind our Constitution than a lying, criminal, reprobate who will do everything in her power to bring about further globalization of America while undermining morality and Christian principles in addition to allowing Sharia law to foment here rather than Constitutional freedoms.

  2. Remember a Christian’s hope lies in Jesus Christ, not a man. You will be giving away your freedom if you do not vote…jmho. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I could not bring myself to vote for Trump; I do believe the women who have come forward. I do not know why we don’t take Donald at his word; he told Billy Bush what he did and then feigned shock that women came forward and confirmed it. Beyond that, as a man he has no core beliefs and no moral compass. He’s just as likely to be pro-choice as he is pro-life and he has no policies that are long held and stable. In short, he’s a fraud.

    If you are looking for a person of faith, that would be the lifelong Methodist, Hillary Clinton. I do not believe for a moment that with thirty years of investigations (including eight on Benghazi alone) and no findings of guilt that she is a “criminal”. The hacked emails that are coming out now have no “there” there. And they aren’t even her emails.

    Still, I understand if you don’t accept that and can’t vote for her. I will be voting for her proudly, but have no illusions about how politics works in our country.

    I will say that your state is a firmly blue state and your vote for any candidate won’t change that, so you should vote your conscience and your heart. You shouldn’t feel voting for someone other than the two main candidates is a throw away vote. You should be able to proudly tell your kids who you voted for without feeling any shame.

    I don’t know if he’s on the ballot there, but have you considered voting for Evan McMullin? He’s a conservative Republican from Utah and is extremely well thought of. He’s polling really well in Utah (tied with Trump and Clinton at about 25% each) and if the race is close and he can manage to win Utah he can actually affect the race by preventing either candidate from getting the necessary 270 votes. If that were the case, the election would be thrown to the congress. They would be more likely to elect a more reputable Republican conservative.

    If he’s not on the ballot in your state, consider writing in a candidate, perhaps one of the Republicans who was eliminated in the primaries or Evan McMullin once you’ve checked him out.

  4. You’ve explained my feelings and thoughts exactly! I don’t want either of em, and they’re both reprehensible. But one,us a creep and one is a crook and a liar! Third party is a no-win, for sure. I feel so had for our kids, with no real role models in politics.

  5. Very well stated Charisma and I am concerned about many aspects of this election but foremost is the Supreme Court election. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I appreciate your comments. Never in my lifetime have I seen such choices as we have in this election. Thank you for your Thoughts.

  7. The choice for me is very clear. Trump is unhinged and Clinton is qualified. I don’t understand all the hatred of her. She isn’t perfect but is not a criminal. I can’t stand Trump but I can’t say I hate him either. It’s not in me. I just detest him 🙂
    The Republicans have done a lot of damage to themselves with this charlatan at the top of the ticket. I honestly think I would be more qualified than he is.
    Having said all this I understand that a lot of people are torn. I’m just not one of them.
    I’m glad you brought the topic up though. We should be able to dialogue about it. Thanks!

  8. I have already voted and I voted for Trump. The reason? Supreme Court is the reason. We can vote a president out in four years, but the members of SCOTUS are there for a lifetime. If Hillary gets in, the court system will be packed with leftists and our country will never be the same.

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