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So I saw on Instagram that they had started a plus block quilt along. I had been wanting to make a plus block quilt and I hadn’t yet. So I was inspired to just make one. I took a sunday and put this together. I had a layer cake that was all low volume prints. SO I just cut that into 5 inch squares..added the smaller ones and a few scraps from my stash to complete all of the background pieces. So it went really quickly as far as cutting this out. I would say from start to finish it took me about half an hour to cut it out.  It was only because of that layer cake.

Then I just cut scraps for the Plus fabrics. The scraps were on my cutting table already from other things and I didn’t think about colors or patterns too much. I just cut from whatever was there with big enough cuts of fabric.

Then i just sewed. I needed a sewing day. I think it was a particularly rough time and I just needed to not focus on anything. Sewing is a good therapy. You have to focus on it just enough it distracts you from some things. I need that sometimes….lots of times.

Also you can see I didn’t do a very good job of arranging the blocks. There are duplicate colors next to each other in some spots. But that is because I randomly put them together. I know this would totally bother some people. It doesn’t bother me. ( it might in some quilts). This quilt was simply for enjoyment and a little get-away in my mind. I didn’t want to stress about anything. I have enough of that in my life… something like 2 greens or 3 purples being next to each other seems a bit frivolous to me. You can also tell this has been folded for a bit before taking pics.

Rob quilted this one the computer for me…so it was a quick easy finish. I have a bin of scraps from backings that cut off of quilts..then I save those big long strips and sew them together for scrap quilt backings…but that bin is empty because I have been hitting it hard.  So I pulled this extra wide backing out that I bought on clearance…and it was just the right cut. YAHOO!! i love it when that all works out perfectly. I thought it was so pretty but it was an “end of bolt” so it was an odd measurement.

I think this is one of those projects that I will make again. I like the finished result, the quick blocks and the use of scraps. Sometimes I need a quick finish to feel accomplished and I need mindless sewing so I can just check out and have peace for a bit. This is one of those projects.

Do you have any of those type of projects? Please share. variety is nice.



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  1. I LOVE how you use different fabrics and scraps for the backing of a quilt. I think it gives it just the perfect amount of surprise! This is super cute 🙂

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