Plaid Goose

Noni made this quilt. Noni like so many of us quilters loves to sew…we love to quilt and after we have made quiltes for everyone we know….we just need an excuse to sew. Noni’s daughter wants to gift everyone she knows with quilts that ehr mom they have a pretty good deal set up….everyone wins!


So this quilt is being gifted to Noni’s daughter’s horse-shoer….did you catch that? Yes….hehe. I think we all know how great it is to be able to sue our skills to bless others.


Until I started quilting for Noni I just didn’t ever really look at plaids…..buts he has brought several quilts that she has used tons of plaids and I just love them. They all look cozy & comfy….there is something comforting about plaids….don’t you think? I have a new appreciation for them….I mean I have always loved plaid..but making a whole quilt with them…just wasn’t on my radar. Now I am collecting. 🙂

046So naturally I quilted a plaid design into the quilt to go with the theme. I love that! It finished up so nicely.

048 049Thanks Noni! Always a pleasure working with you! Love your projects & gifts.

I hope you all have a wonderful day …..I am getting ready to go for a jog!

I also just want to say thank you to all of the Veterans out there today. It’s a special day to be honored for those living and that have passed. Let freedom ring!!



One thought on “Plaid Goose

  1. Love plaids…reminds me of my granddad who always wore plaid flannel shirts. Times gone by. Comfortable and cozy.

    Love the rich warm colors and the brown sashing of this quilt. Plus the quilting is beautiful as always.

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