Plaid Bouquets

IMG_7717Annette & I have been trading for awhile with countless quilt tops. I am not sure how many …I still have several that need to be quilted. Some of them I am stumped on…..I love them so much I don’t want to mess them up. Yes, even after all of the quilts I have done….I get anxiety about a few. Mostly my own. I think it’s because on my own , in some cases, I want to experiment & think outside of the box. Other times I know an all-over is best….:)IMG_7718 IMG_7719

As soon as I pulled this one out of the box that Annette sent….I loved it and had a vision for it. It’s amazing how that happens quickly sometimes. So I added the black border with the corner stones and the panels of Asian bouquets in between the black.   Then it had to sit & wait until after Christmas. 🙂IMG_7720

I was experiencing some burn out….so I didn’t get to it right away. I have learned that when you are having burn-out …it’s best to step away ( if possible) and let yourself rest. Creativity is difficult to make into a job {sometimes} because as most of you know….that creative spark doesn’t come all of the time. So it’s gets stressful when you have deadlines. I am one of those people who thrive on that creative high. So if I am not constantly stimulated ->I will get burn out…..which is different from someone who is not creative. Constant stimulation will overwhelm them.  I almost always have to have music or something else going on around me….If I am using my hands & listening to someone talk I will grasp more. I am that person who doodles during a speech…..or a lesson. It keeps my mind free to listen. When I have to sit on Sunday and look & listen to my pastor-> I really have to keep focused…..if I could doodle or embroider it would be better for me. Weird right? It’s just how I learn best.

Just some tid-bits about Charisma 🙂IMG_7721

So I finally felt on Sunday that I could quilt this. 🙂IMG_7711 IMG_7712

I wanted to quilt simple horizontal lines over the vertical strips to create that plaid kind of look. However there is a break up of the strips using little boxes to break those up…so I quilted continuous curves in those to highlight them. I love the effect of the plaid.

Did you know there is a PDF dedicated to recognizing different plaids? Click HereIMG_7715

I quilted feathers in the Asian bouquet print. Then I switched threads. I put in a variegated ( I am not sure about that choice…..I am not sure that I am crazy about it???) and quilted flowers in the corner stones and leaves in the small black borders. IMG_7713 IMG_7714


In true scrappy fashion I scrapped the back and used ends of bobbins to clean out the bits of thread left. That always feels good. I have this need for order without waste. Weird right?IMG_7716

So thanks to Annette for her always stellar work! for sparking a great quilting plan and for the continued blessings of friendship!

Thanks you all for looking! I am always blessed by that! I hope I am inspiring you as well!





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