Pinwheels & Birdies

Sandy lives in Wenatchee…which is the nearest town that has a mall, Costco and special doctors. So we have to drive an hour to get there for those things. Since I am making trips there…Sandy wanted me to quilt this for her. IMG_8331

It’s all needle turn applique and perfect! It’s so adorable! She even needle turned applique images on the back. My friend T has done that before too…it’s so pretty to have a reversible quilt like that.IMG_8336

So we decided to do an all over design to really make a reversible quilt. It’s a baby quilt that will be used & loved…….so it’s best to keep it simple and comfortable. I love it! IMG_8332 IMG_8333

I quilted leaves, flowers, butterflies….& swirls.IMG_8334 IMG_8335

Thanks Sandy! It’s a pleasure working with you!


One thought on “Pinwheels & Birdies

  1. I am so honored to have the quilt featured on your website! You have done a BEAUTIFUL job and I will proudly present it to my daughter and husband for our 1st grandchild…a girl named Juniper. Thanks, Sandy

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