Personal Update for Fall of 2016

Hi friends, I know it’s been awhile since I have posted anything personal…..I didn’t even post back to school photos. Honestly, I just haven’t had much time. I have been tested over and over this year.

But this year Clarissa is in 8th grade, Preston is a Junior and Cole is a senior. Carl is still at home attending community college. He is saving us some money by doing some more pre-req’s before heading to the university….Gosh I love that child. He is the one that seems to do everything the right way ( according to me and my infinite wisdom…lol)

We are at a time in our family when we are seeing exactly what kind of adults our kids are growing into and we are sort of disappointed in some cases. So that is taking it’s toll …having toddlers was way easier than teens and adults….Instead of calling them teens or young adults we should call them “dream crushers” or “dream shaterers” ( is that even a word?) Am I dramatic enough?

I also thought after a year of posting my monthly progress of weight loss-> I would just post periodically because I wasn’t making much progress for awhile …and I am still the same. But i do have some news to report….so I wanted to share.

A few years ago I had heard about the St. James Way or the Camino De Santiago walk in Spain…..when I heard some of these experiences there was something in my soul that stirred. It was something in me that said” this is for you” I put it on my bucket list and chalked it up to ” yeah, right….you are so over weight you can barely walk your own stairs…..there is no way you can take a trip like that” I pushed it out of my mind. Well a friend of mine who is originally from England is taking a trip back home to walk Hadrian’s wall this spring. Her partner bailed on her and she was talking of her disappointment…I immediately said ” I can go”….it’s an 84 mile walk over several days.   I am so excited to take this journey …I know it’s not as spiritual as the Camino De Santiago ( even people who aren’t “believers” have spiritual experiences on that journey) …..but I am excited to take this journey to learn about some of my roots. This last Christmas, Rob and I sent off our DNA to and found out our heritage. I am 40% Great Brittan so it will be good to see maybe an area of my origin and experience a new place. I have no idea where this journey will take me…but I am open to all of the experiences to come my way. I want to meet new people , experience different foods and see a country that I have never been. Not to mention this will be the first “pleasure” trip on my passport. Every stamp on my passport is mission trips, surgery trip ect. I apparently never leave the country for pleasure. hehe. So now is the time.

So the weight loss has so many benefits that I have spoken of in all of my update posts along the journey. I have been so thankful since deciding to go on this trip ..thankful for my body. I couldn’t have decided to take this trip before my surgery because I wouldn’t have been in good enough shape in 6 months to take a trip like that….now on a spur of the moment i can say “Yes, I can do that” and I have no qualms or worries. If I can jog  3-4 miles and walk-hike 6-7 miles on a regular basis I really have no worries about walking 14 miles a day. I know that I am physically prepared to take this trip and I am looking forward to the experience. I am putting no rules or expectations on anything. I am just opening myself up to the possibilities of whatever God brings to me…however……I am pretty sure I don’t want to eat any weird meat dishes? Is that too picky? We will see how that story ends later. I really tried on my missions to eat the food that was served…..and I failed miserably. Sometimes I still think about how terrible the Jamaican food was….good grief. I wished I had brought more tuna packets with me….my love of tuna grew exponentially after that trip. It was my life saver. Actually, after that trip I eat tuna on a very regular basis …..I just crave it. It must be something in my brain telling me…..”It will save your life”

So my weight is stable. I have stayed the same..but I have gotten a bit complacent in my lifestyle. So this trip will be a way to amp everything up a bit more. Plus summer is ended and fall is back into swing. Which means routine. I am getting back into the pool . Swimming is really a game changer for my body. Everything tones up a bit more and I feel stronger. I can actually feel the changes in my body since not swimming. I took the summer off.

The other thing that is becoming a problem is my belly button. This is probably TMI…but due to my loose skin I am having issues. (I think it’s just that I want to be honest with all of you who are going on this same journey…the positives outweigh the negatives by far…but I I don’t want anyone to feel alone. ) I really knew that I had some loose skin and that it would be a personal choice as to whether I did anything about it….but my belly button gets rashes and it really is painful… I have to put powder on a few times a day and deal with it. I hate that. It’s the consequences of destroying my body all of those years….but it’s uncomfortable. I am totally unqualified to be on the next episode of “Skin Tight” but even my small amount of skin is a reality. I would say I have about 15-20 pounds of loose skin. Many other people have 80-100 pounds of loose skin after tremendous weight loss. So I am thankful I don’t have that amount and I can deal with one bad area.

Other than that I am excited because in a  few weeks my whole family will be together to take another trip to a theme park.   My brother and several friends are going to meet up with us as well. But now that some of my kids are adults living on their own and a few hours away it’s a treat when we can all come together. It happens every couple of months. what i love about those times is that no matter what we are doing ..when my family comes together the old patterns and family dynamic is there….the laughing, the teasing, the story telling ect…’s like we fall into “Our” Rhythm …something that we created ..that is ours and it’s comfortable. I was dreading the day that my oldest moved out…and I dread every time I lose a child to the world because my family dynamic changes..our household changes. But it’s so comforting to know that when we do come together-> I get a glimpse of how we were all of those years of living together and experiencing life together. We still get to experience life together now… but it’s different. It’s new and it’s good. I love those moments of comfort and laughter.  I also love when my brother and I can meet up and share new experiences. My brother and I have fond memories of Halloween…..even if it’s because I ran like crazy out of fear while he was a rock in the face of horror..cause I am a fraidy cat. LOL! I think I did pretty well last year until the chainsaw came out…..I also am not a fan of the butcher. Good grief….I hate this stuff…but I do this for FAMILY time.  Rob is really good at calming me down and helping me through the attractions. I need that or I would still be in the looney bin.

Well that is all I have for now. I must get back to the quilt frame.

I hope you all have an AWESOME weekend!













One thought on “Personal Update for Fall of 2016

  1. I am just so proud of you that its impossible to find a way with words to say so. Just know that I read every word you publish and keep up with your quilting.
    Just a funny: Once went to India and I put a pack of Snickers in my suitcase. Think it saved my life. LOL, so know where you come from with the Tuna. Gosh you back a lot of good memories. Thanks
    Love You”

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