Peaches & Cream

IMG_7972-001This is a bit of peaches & cream..a splash of blueberry covered in chocolate…right?IMG_7971-001

Sometimes the simplicity of a design is what captures us….right? Who can ever tire of squares? I think many of us start with a simple patchwork..then these framed boxes and there is something always comforting & appealing about them. They can be shabby chic, Modern-graphic, cute or scrappy. IMG_7967

I sent these scraps to Annette. I had bundles these soft peaches, & green together. I made a project years ago using these fabrics…they were the leftovers. But the project was so pretty that I thought I would want to keep those scraps together for another project. It’s pretty difficult to find peach. Although it’s an up & coming color it’s making its way into fabrics again. 🙂IMG_7969 IMG_7968-001

Annette added some more creams..a bit of blue and the chocolate as an accent. I had this extra wide backing in my stash…so it’s not a scrappy back…wired? LOLIMG_7970-001

I quilted big oversize feathers…frankly because I like them…and it was a soft design to go with the soft fabrics…I’m pretty happy with the finish. 🙂IMG_7973

Annette has several more coming my way..I can’t wait to see what she came up with. YAY! always exciting.

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