Paul McCatney

039Isn’t this just funny, cute and groovy?

Linda brought this to me and WOWZA! I was hypnotized by this groovy cat.

040 041I am not a HUGE Beetles fan. I mean I have listened to them and I don’t hate them or anything….But Rob and my Daughter, Roo love the Beetles. Clarissa has them in her playlist. So years ago on a Beetles anniversary of something…Rob and I went to stay at the Edgewater Inn in Seattle. there is a famous picture taken of the Beetles fishing out of the window there…so they had a big Beetles Party or something. Rob and I enjoyed many “Strawberry Fields Forever” martinis and a weekend away from the kids in a luxurious hotel room. So there is my one and only Beetles experience…:)

042This is great laurel Birch fabrics, tye -dye, kaffe, and a little embroidery…buttons and typical beetles hair. So PUURRRFECT!

043Thanks so much Linda! Loved working on this for you!

Many blessings!

Thanks for looking everyone.


5 thoughts on “Paul McCatney

  1. This one really caught my eye! So cute and funny. The Beatles were the greatest thing to ever happen in the US- didn’t you know that, Charisma?? LOL
    Love the quilt!!!

  2. Paul McCartney, 2nd row center state, Safeco field July 19, 2013….not the Beatles, but as close as I will ever get. Great story, but this isn’t about me 🙂
    AMAZING and AWESOME quilt! I love Laurel Birch fabrics and I love the bright colors, embroidery, and the humor. Besides, who doesn’t love cool cats?
    (I have to go turn on some Beatles now….)

  3. Also….a wonderful play on words “McCatney”.
    Linda has a playful heart, as evidenced by this clever and darling quilt.

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