Pat’s QOV

A few months back I asked if anyone would like to donate some QOV ….if they sent me the tops I would quilt them & finish them. I have a friend that is wanting to gift them to a specific troop coming back this spring. Between her & I we could get them ready.20140222_092737

Of all the charities I gift to and help along QOV & Missions are my favorite. I know everyone has their own calling whether it be an animal rescue, cancer patients missions or education…ect. I help everyone when I can…but of course my top 2 are missions and QOV. I think all are equally important…..but i think we all have our own niche. God plants us where we he wants us.   I think God’s work is really important and since I have been a missionary I know the kind of impact that makes. I also think these men & women sacrifice a lot for us as they serve their country and they are all heart…so they deserve respect & gratitude. So I help when I can….I am proud to be a part of something bigger than myself….:)20140222_092741

So Pat sent this one right away …..and I quilted it and sent it off for binding…and it’s getting a label with Pat’s name ect. ( I also got a box from the WOMBATS last week…with several to quilt….:) ) 20140222_092745

Thanks Pat! I appreciate your trust & support! I know your donation will be loved & blessing to another.


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