Patriotic Wedding Quilt

Andrea made this HUGE wedding quilt for her daughter. The wedding color were Red, White and Blue and from the pictures I have seen on the wedding they were gorgeous. This quilt is equally so.

I tried to put a variety of designs in all of the stars. I kept the background areas with a consistent design to frame it all in.

It was fun to think of several designs.

Andrea really collected a ton of different fabrics to bring this all together. All of the stars are made from different fabrics. So there is quite a collection of designs. It’s very pretty.

Thanks so much Andrea! It was a joy to work on the quilt and be a small part of this memorable quilt.

2 thoughts on “Patriotic Wedding Quilt

  1. Beautiful!!! Your quilting enhances any quilt. I really like how she chose more muted colors. It’s a great quilt.

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