Hi Friends, I wanted to update you on my trip today. I drove up to Pateros, WA with Cindi from The Fabric Patch today. I am sure you have seen the media coverage for the Central WA fires. I happen to live in Central WA. Thankfully we are not involved in the fires…but no matter how big Central WA is’s like we are all one big community. So we need to help each other.Pateros 10

Pateros was the town with the most devastation in the wildfires with 400 displaced. In these small towns that’s a lot. I am not sure is that’s displaced families or 400 total people. Either way it’s devastating.  That’s just one town…and the fires are not controlled yet. we have 2000 fire fighters here from all over. Pateros 9

I have to say that when we pulled up to the high school which is the volunteer station. The red cross, national guard ect were all there. We pulled in …they unloaded our trailer of donations and  thanked us profusely for everything. They told how much it means that people from all over are helping them. Pateros 8Pateros 11

I have to say it was very overwhelming…it really took my breath away. Driving in you could see all the fire damage,….many houses and crops destroyed. No electricity or running water. Generators and what not have been donated.  Pateros 13 Pateros 12

Pateros 5

I walked in to a few rooms of the donation/volunteer area to snap some pictures with my iphone. I have to say that I felt like I was invading a little to do that. It didn’t seem right. But I did that for a few reasons…one of them being so this could be documented. I was blubbering. It was all lost on Clarissa…I don’t think she could really grasp the devastation.Pateros 7 Pateros 6

It was very heart warming to see all of the activity, love and help that was pouring out on these lovely people. But walking away I felt a piece of my heart sink..because after all the media coverage and volunteers go away and there is not so much busy-ness……to distract…they will be left alone with only the devastation. It was like leaving the mission field….when we arrived we were all ready to jump in…experience & share life with these people..and a few weeks later we leave and a piece of us stays with them…..and they are left without the distraction of the rich Americans…..for a brief period of time they don’t think about the devastation around them….and I hated leaving for that reason.  which made me cry even more. It seems like the every day mundane things in our lives that we focus on are so superficial. Something like this happens and springs me back to reality.  Pateros 4 Pateros 3 pateros 2 pateros 1

They are taking Quilts. We have a gal up there that is part of the guild. She is taking all of our quilts so they don’t end up as dog beds or used to move furniture. They will be gifted to the people who lost their homes. So if you have some quilts your would like to donate ..please contact me and I will get you my address. I will also take any tops…I am sure I can get backs and finish them up …or create a team from the shop to do that. The Red Cross is also taking donations.

I would also ask for prayers. This community is worthy of all the love & support they can get! I think I am taking another trip tomorrow to fulfill a need they have…and The Fabric Patch is going back again on Sunday. Please pray! Blessings!



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