Patchwork Party

110Felicia sent this beauty and I fell in love. I love the color palette… just speaks to me. And she wanted show type quilting. 🙂 She started this several years ago and finally finished it. I think it’s one of those projects that you start and then it just takes a back seat because it isn’t speaking to you …..and then you pick it up again..change a few things and then fall back in love. 

113I really wish I could have gotten better pics.

She said I could have free reign to quilt how I wanted….and I really wanted to take advantage of all of those angles. It took several days to complete…I loved working with the side setting triangles and figure out how to make them shine.


There is a good variety of sampler blocks which I really love because then there is interest all across the quilt to catch your eye and of course I quilted them all differently.

111I used a double layer of batting to keep it full and also help show the quilting.

112Here’s a close of up those beautiful borders and angles. I did this all freehand with rulers…made up by my own imagination. 🙂

114I used pretty much every kind of quilting design I could come up with from stipple, angles, lines, continuous curves, pebbling ect.


Here is the center:

118I wanted the center to stand out more than the I made it a bit different than the rest of the quilt. 🙂

116 117Here are some more of the blocks:

119 120 121 I always feel good when I work with Felicia…she is a great quilter and so sweet! She just trusts me and I appreciate that. Thank YOU Felicia!

Here’s the back. It’s pieced and lovely. and you can see all of my handiwork….you nkow how I love that! I hope this shows well!

Thanks Felicia! I hope you have a wonderful Holiday!



122 123 124




6 thoughts on “Patchwork Party

  1. C, this is another fine example of how your quilting enhances the gorgeous blocks and allover look. What a beautiful quilt!! I love the colors.

  2. Charisma your work is so amazing. You inspire me to try different things and I watch them come to life in your hands. I wish I could sew faster! Always a pleasure, F. Happy Holidays!

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