Paper Dolls & Christmas Trees

Donna’s sister lives in Ak and they meet several times a year for sewing retreats. Pretty Awesome, right?

Well these are 2 quilts that J sent over with Donna’s and they turned out great!


These vintage paper dolls turned out adorable. This was a very popular fabric when it came out….i think they have had to do a re-print a few times.

020 021I stippled and outlined in the blocks and then quilted loops ( pearls) and framed it all in with a feather. there are attachable clothes that will be added to the girls when the quilt is finished. 🙂

022 023

This next one…was a popular kit from 2014-15 because I have quilted several from all over the place. It’s such a cute tree….I adore it.

006I kept the designs fun and whimsy to match the quilt.

Little twinkling stars and l’s and ribbon.

007 008 009

The back:


Thanks J! It’s always fun to see your projects & work with you!

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Thanks for looking at my blog.


5 thoughts on “Paper Dolls & Christmas Trees

  1. OMG they are so precious!!!! The girls remind me a little of the Campbell’s soup kids. But even cuter!
    I’ve missed your posts! 🙂

  2. I am continually amazed at the amount of work you do…. and so wonderfully! I love and admire your talent, and your spirit. Keep up the good work, Charisma.

  3. Two GREAT quilts. Loved them both. Superb workmanship…..and your quilting, as usual, enhances both! I am in awe of the talent the TWO of you show. Kudos!

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