Pacific West Quilt Show Part 1

Well going into thw show..I really didn’t know what to expect…what the new plan would be…or how we would be recieved. The leading Gammil dealer in the WORLD is my new boss ( basically). He is a business man.  I have to tell you after one weekend with him…I feel completely comfortable…and like he will take care of everyone ( his people and now his new people). I think that is why he has been the leading gammil dealer….all of his customers love him…they trust him…even other vendors! Everyone talks about him and how kind and generous he is. Jack Boersma brings alot of good structure and nice ideas to INNOVA. Jack has also been a great asset to the gammil company as far as all the accessories they sell for the gammil…because he invented them.  I am excited to  see what he brings to our machines. He already has many ideas…and I am excited for all the changes. I feel like he listens to us….I kept having this thought on Thursday when we were setting up and having dinner…. that he reminded me so much of my Grandpa Bob. My grandpa had the same face..and the same gray/white hair that he had to perm to get the body to his hair..and he had a deep booming voice…. but along with that deep voice he also loved deeply and was a great provider. I would never tell a man he reminds me of my grandpa….cause that might be offensive…( they get hung up on age) …but I felt comfortable…and I know why so many people love him and trust his judgement. So that’s the business side of things.

Set up was difficult…..for me because I was not prepared…I was as much as I could be with a couple days of notice..but I felt vulnerable…..and like I was  just a small fish in a huge pond. ( I was/am) but I thought this is CRAZY! Putting myself out there ….on a platter for people to chew me up and spit me out. But without risks there isn’t success, right?

So we hung the the machin ready and pinned on a customer quilt. The plan for my booth was to just hang samples of my work…and then I could work during the show..and show people how I actually work.

But since Jack didn’t have any quilts that had been quilted on an INNOVA…my quilts were also hung in his booth. 🙂

So here are the pictures of the booths(that’s Brianna in the picture) This is Cindi and BriannaThese are pics of Jack’s booth….Cindi and Brianna worked in his booth..while I worked by my lonesome ( but totally fine..I think I had a better time)….quilting!

















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