Overnight Sensation

IMG_9556Kelly is a new young quilter. I have quilted a few for her now. Through the course of helping her learn to make a T shirt quilt, cut fabrics..and read patterns we have gotten to know a bit about each other a tint bit.  We both thought we looked familiar to each other…and then she put 2 and 2 together. IMG_9554

She was a lifeguard at the city pool when my kids were little and I was the mom who was at the pool with my kids all day long. So although we didn’t “know” eachother we have been around each other before.

She made this quilt for her Dad. The pattern is called “Over Night Sensation” by Swirly Girl Designs & you can get it here. Kelly wanted a simple design for the quilting so I quilted ferns..always a nice organic design that compliments this type of quilt. IMG_9555

She chose a nice red flannel for the back..this quilt is cozy! IMG_9557Great quilt! Great work by Kelly! Thanks a bunch!

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