Over the River

Well I had time this week to quilt a few of my own….so EXCITING!


I was really wanting to get this one quilted because I love it….but I was intimidated by it. I think because it took me forever and a day to get all of the hand stitching done…. (only because I wasn’t dedicated to working on it) …..I just really wanted it to be special. But I was stumped. So I did take inspiration from my friend Jane to quilt it.

Oh first if you need pattern details you can get the pattern here.  It is called “Over the River”. I did change the saying in the center panel because it didn’t suit our family. I want to hang this in my house during the winter season. I decided to put in a quote from Little Women. I love the Little Women series. I have read the books and watched several versions of the movies…. so the quote I used was “The power of finding Beauty in the humblest of things makes home happy and life lovely” then I sketched out a little tree with the year I started the project…in hindsight I maybe should have put the year I finished it…..but oh well. It is what it is.

I think the pictures are difficult to see and they don’t do the quilt justice ( which happens more than not) IMG_9982

I am  also hard on myself…..so I am hoping that after I fold it away for a bit I won’t see all of my flaws in the quilting. I felt like my movements were not smooth and as relaxed as usual…so the whole quilt was a struggle. Sometimes when I force myself to focus it makes everything worse. So I feel like it’s noticeable in my final product…especially because in many areas the thread is high contrast…so it doesn’t blend. Venus ( my machine) also broke down during the course of this…and then I had tension issues …so I did a lot of ripping out…which doesn’t make you relax at all. So again ->it is what it is.  Just because it looks like a drunk person quilted it doesn’t mean anything…LOL. In this type of situation….I focus on the fact that I did complete it and the hand stitching is really what I love about it anyway.

So here are some photos of the hand stitched panels:


The top one is my favorite one. It is what inspired my quote…..the whole scene just reminded me of Little Women…the cobble stone bridge..the horse & Sleigh ect. I am not sure why…..it just did. It’s just one of those things floating in my brain.


The center stars and  quote. One of my blocks is off on one side…can you see that? I got a new sewing machine and I am adjusting to a different seam allowance…I have recognized on a few projects. I seem to be taking a scant seam allowance on everything…so I need to figure that out. start measuring as I go so this doesn’t happen.

Here is the last panel:


I created wind in the sky, texture in the snow filled plains….I tried to leave the embroidery alone….it needs to stand alone. 🙂 I quilted fans in the flying geese.Snowflakes in the center of each of the pieced blocks..ect.

Here is the back to show a bit more of the quilting that you can’t see from the front photos:

IMG_9981So I did use two layers of batting…except in the hand stitched panels there is actually 3 layers. Because when I draw out my embroidery designs I use batting as a stabilizer while stitching.  It gives the finished quilt a little more definition and I like the way the stitches kind of sink into it.

So I guess that’s that…….Have a blessed day!


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