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The weekend after I got back from my trip my LQS was having a retreat at their retreat house. You can find that info Here.

But this particular retreat was actually locals and several friends were there for this weekend..so they invited me for dinner one of those nights. So I went and had a great time Saturday night after I had worked. A few of the ladies had brought old books and magazines they wanted to part with…and offered them up to the ladies as I was leaving. I seriously love quilting magazines. It’s a sickness almost as much as fabric. I was the same with scrapbooking magazines. I love looking through them over & over. I will take magazines with me to the beach , long car trips ect. It doesn’t matter if they are 10 years old…I still like looking at them.

Something I may not have noticed 10 years ago I will notice today…you know what I mean? I also have to say my first encounter with Amy Butler was in a magazine and I have loved her ever since. I loved her fabrics, style and patterns. I just didn’t know at the time that the article I had read was really the beginning of her fabric career. 🙂 So yes I have been a fan that long.

So I grabbed one on my way out and thumbed through it when I got home. I saw a pattern in this issue of American Patchwork & quilting the August 2010 issue……it has a Sue Spargo pattern  ( That I probably wouldn’t have noticed a few years ago…:)  and this easy one to use up scraps. The pattern in the book uses various blues and a white background. But I had these animal prints left over from a project that Donna & Clarissa worked on and finally finished …while I was gone ( I just need to get them quilted to share them). I had some pinks & browns in my scrap pile that I had kind of set aside because they were bigger pieces I could use for something.



It’s an easy pattern that would be very easy to figure out if you are a seasoned quilter….all of the squares are 3.5 inches and thought it was perfect to use up my scraps of fabrics and backgrounds. I knew it would also be a quick pattern to put together. I have stated this before but I like to have a project on my sewing table that I don’t have to think about. Once everything is cut out and I can just sit for 15 minutes here and there chain piecing…it’s a good de-stressor for me. In fact I think these projects keep me sane. Just last week alone….I was so stressed with one of my children I needed down time to not think about anything…I go and sew for 25 minutes and de-compress so I can think clearly enough to make a decision. When I am stuck on a quilt that I need to work on…I sit down for a few minutes and sew a few pieces until I get it all worked out in my head. I have to have a project that I don’t have to think about so it can help me with other things. We all have coping skills…this is one of mine.



So then when I had to stay up late 2 nights in a row to make sure my boys arrived home safe & sound I worked on quilting this quilt. I didn’t even think about that…I copied the pattern in the book…..I liked it…I thought they did a great job…why not? This quilt should be called “Therapy” or “Mind-numbing drugs” because it seems like every time I went to work on it it was in a way to relieve a tension I was experiencing at the time.

But I think it also represents how we can produce good fruit from nothing. 🙂

IMG_0559 IMG_0560



I love this quilt for all of the reasons above! I also get to count this fabric because although I used scraps …most of the scraps came from yardage I have not counted in any other projects. YAY!

Thanks so much! For reading my blog and hanging in with me..I know I haven’t been as regular about posting…..but I am just trying to keep up with everything n my plate! I hope you all are having a fabulous holiday!









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