Out on a Limb

IMG_9543Well I made this quilt a few months back. I love the simplistic modern quilts. I used scraps to make the top …I put it together improv style with lots of gray space.

I think sometimes it looks like I am cheating and making quilts without very much piecing……but I like that sometimes because what I lack in piecing I make up for in quilting. IMG_9524

The pictures don’t do my quilt justice…I am just going to say. I did very little marking and just let my mind wander while quilting. I needed the creative process to just unfold as I was going along. It’s a funny thing because when I pieced this quit I had no idea what it would look like or what I would do with it.IMG_9545

But when I pulled it out last week…I could see a huge tree in the center. When I pieced it I made sure all of the birds faced the same way. I quilted it pretty heavily …and let everything kind of mesh together…so you maybe cant see where something starts & something else begins….but it’s my own quilt and the process of quilting it was more important to me than the end result…..because I sort of knew that was going to happen while I was going along. I am also going to go back and fill in the area between the chains on the tree swing.

So in my usual style I quilted in some words & sayings. I put a heart knot hole in the tree with R+C .    IMG_9547

There is a buzzing bee, a dragon fly, and a butterfly flying in the swirls. Down by the ground of the tree is grass & flowers. roots underneath…of course.

I did put a few matching birds in the trees…..Under this one is says “out on a limb”IMG_9546

In the long dark pink strip I put a saying from Shakespeare’s Midsummer Dream -> ” My soul is in the Sky”IMG_9544

This is the backIMG_9534

Here are a few more shots: IMG_9525 IMG_9526 IMG_9527 IMG_9528


I think I need some more modern quilts with lots of negative space. 🙂 This was fun. I love it.

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