Organizing, Breakfast Date and Ice

well I was just sure this morning would be late start for the kids..I was holding out for the last minute…no dice. The waffle irons didn’t get pulled out…darn. But I did get a nice breakfast with Preston.

Apparently he has a girlfriend. He explained the process of asking her “out” (Rob hates that term….because they don’t go “out” any where?) Preston’s girlfriend is named Amity. Anyway he asked her out on facebook because apparently writing a note is ancient ( Apparently so am I) …he laughed when I suggested that. He also explained that guys can’t ask girls out when their friend are around because they will say “No”….OK Well now I have been “schooled” in ancient terms that would be educated. LOL Something they have in common…amity and Preston..they both have little sisters named Clarissa. I wonder if that is something you can build upon? lol. What do I know? I am ways don’t make sense.

I have been working on my bedroom all morning..trying to get some organization going and working through my closet. My bestie’s are coming to town the first weekend in December. So they are going to take home 5 more garbage bags of clothes because I haven’t even gone through all of my clothes and I already have three down. It doesn’t seem possible? I don’t buy new clothes all the time? I think I just have stuff every where all the time shoved in nook and cranny of this house that when you clean it you find out how much you really own. I opened the linen closet today and realized also needs to be cleaned out again…but that can wait.

We have today and tomorrow to get the house in working order before Carl’s birthday party….I think it’s possible. At least that is what I keep telling myself.

Well back to work…Have a great day!



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