Roll The Cotton Ball Quilt

This is a free patetrn by Bonnie Hunter…I think it’s going to be taken off her site really soon for anyone who wants it. She is going to publish it after she takes it off. I have seen several of these..there was even one hanging in our local show this past weekend. I have to must be a huge scrap buster! It’s so huge! and so many different fabrics and little HST. Sure to make a dent!

Amy made this one and sent it to me for quilting. I LOVE it! there was everything in it…Dr. Suess, chocolate chips, flowers, swirls….a true scrappy. She requested Charisma Curls in the cream areas..& block work … continuous curves in the border… It’s beautiful! lots of dimension as I used 2 layers of battibng. Legacy 80/20 and hobbs polydown.

Thanks so much Amy! I love your quilt!

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