Oppsie Daisy

IMG_5568Charlene also made this ( her sister made one that I quilted not to long ago as well…just in case it looks familiar?) I think this is the third one I have quilted of this pattern….it never gets old. It’s a beautiful quilt! And a lot of work for the piecer. Needle turn applique, piecing all of those little squares..on point. All of it takes time and dedication. IMG_5569 IMG_5570


I quilted it with leaves, continuous curves, Feathered wreaths, and charisma curls. It’s beautiful!IMG_5571 IMG_5572 IMG_5573

I am working on my first 30’s quilt ……well I am not…..my round robin crew is….I own a few vintage quilts…but I don’t have a reproduction 30’s…so I thought I should make one for my own collection. I just think they are charming and comfortable. IMG_5574 IMG_5575

Thanks Charlene….Many Blessings! IMG_5576





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