Oooh La La

My local quilt shop, The Fabric Patch has recently started selling Pfaff sewing machines.

You may know that I own the top of the line Pfaff now. The creative sensation. I would like to say that I have spent some time getting to know my machine…but sadly..I have sewn with it but I have not yet explored the embroidery portion…yet.IMG_6327

But now that my shop is selling these machines they have added machine embroidery patterns..and classes and clubs. I totally  need to join some of these.

Anyhow they made a sample from the “ooh Lala” quilt. it’s from a pattern company called “Lunch box quilts” …they have super cute patterns. I actually own one of them because I went to their class at Market. So just as soon as I learn how to use my machine I will be making some of their quilts. 🙂IMG_6328

I decided to use several quilting designs in a sliver thread to compliment this little sample. A feather, muscle shells, swirls, charisma curls, hearts…:)IMG_6329

So cute! IMG_6330

If you are local you may want to sign up for some of these classes….even if you need to purchase a machine (that’s what I did)…LOL! ( Cindi did not put me up to that!)IMG_6331

I hope you all have an”oooh lala” sort of day! IMG_6332


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