One of my own…..City Blocks.

I think I need to make a disclaimer here:

I would never do this to a customer quilt. LOL

You know I pieced this top a LONG time ago….and I LOVE the fabrics. They are a mix of Kitty Yoshida’s line called “City Girl” I think…..and also a cosmo Cricket line. It was a free pattern that came out with the line called “City Blocks” I knew it would be an easy enough pattern to complete…and I think I got the fabrics on sale at the time.

I wanted a quick quilt that I could finish up in an evening. I made every mistake on this quilt I think?
I didn’t have an idea of what I was going to really do until I loaded it….I should have loaded it sideways for what I did..which made it all the more painful for me …all the starts and stops. UGH! I used a variegated thread…It was a mistake. The thread is all the right colors but I think it would have been better if I used a light brown. I think this particular quilt would look WAY better with an all over type of design like swirls…instead I decided to pratice feathers. There are several different types of feathers and ways in which to complete them..I have not mastered every technique and I can’t do that on a customer quilt. So I thought I would practice on my own…a sacrificial top. The ribbons in the striped sashing…all wrong. Let’s just call it like it is…LOL.

So this CUTE ….top that I pieced has been ruined by poor quilting decisions. Oh well. It happens..I don’t like it when it happens ..but I am SUPER glad it happened on my own quilt. It’s not a complete loss….honestly It still has a charm and it served a is by far not the ugliest thing I have ever made..and I will still find a special home for it.

So here’s to a “Sacrificial City Block”

5 thoughts on “One of my own…..City Blocks.

  1. HI C,
    I think it looks wonderful I love it….I could not see any mistakes but only the one who did it would know. I just love it. Do not be so hard on yourself..I think it is beautiful. Huggs Judy

  2. Well that just goes to show beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! LOL. OK I will give you the loaded it wrong for the mode of quilting. Lots of starts and stops can definitely cause you to lose a nice rhythm (or prevent you from even getting one, which I think is best part of quilting feathers) But I love the different feather styles in the blocks portion and it really sings from the back, even with the ribbons in the sashing strips. Those ribbons do kind of fight with the horizontal striped fabric on the front but I’m not sure what else you could have done. Maybe wavy horizontal lines to complement the fab?? That one is definitely a tough call and I would done a tone of SAS (stand and stare) if it were on my rack as well. However you in no way shape or form ruined this quilt and I wouldn’t say the ribbons are ALL wrong.

    I adore the varigated thread on this and don’t think it was a wrong choice at all. I think it pops better then if you had used a solid brown.

    1. LOL…Thanks Jane! well you know sometimes we expect more of ourselves…so this is what happened in this case probably…plus I was tired of looking at it after all those starts and stops. LOL I was probably pretty grouchy! I am usually pretty good about that stuff… I love it that you SAS alot. You always create the most beautiful creations…probably cause you do SAS a lot. You won’t ever have these “sacrificial” quilts because you do that. I on the other hand..well….you know? I dive in with two feet and hope for the best…afterall my middle name is Hope. LOL

  3. WELL I HAPPEN TO LOVE IT, if you don’t like it just send it to me and I will love…I would not see a mistake if it were staring me in the face in your if I had made this I would be finding everything wrong instead of the beauty of it…I happen to love it… beauty is in the eye of the beholder so just send her to

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