One Day Past Hump Day

Well It’s Thursday evening. That means tomorrow is FRIDAY! Rob is home so he is going to be be putting together furniture….I think we have a dump run, Storage run and then we can start arranging everything in the new family room.

My Bedroom is finally together. YAY! I just need my quilts quilted and some pillow cases…to finish it off. But I also decided I need to re-paint a few things to hang up again. It is so bright and cheery now. Before I had color coordinated everything…now it’s all fun and scrappy…kind of. I went and bought Amy Butler Home Dec fabric today so I can cover my headboard. Rob made a comment that I don’t know if I should share …I was auditioning the fabric on the headboard when he got home so he could see. All the boys were in the room. When I said that’s what I am going to use to cover the headboard. Rob said “Are you kidding me…are you trying to cut off my nuts?” Can you imagine the rolling laughter from the peanut gallery? Do you see what I live with? Do any of you feel sorry for me?

After I get this back from my friend, Joan. It is going to hang on the wall behind my new Headboard which will be covered in Amy Butler fabric..I am using this print here . YAY! Plus i am making a few quilts to put on my bed…one is here. The Bloom quilt. I am going to finish that one just as soon as my Christmas quilts are done…all my Yo-yo’s are made..I traded long arm services for someone to make all of them for me….I fell in love with it the minute I saw it…I also have a friend Sheila making the Sexy Hexy Love quilt. I made one for a friend of mine..but didn’t have time to make one for myself before my business took off.

The living room is almost cleared out now…I have to decide what I am going to do with these chairs bought at the thrift store a few months back. I had intentions to re-cover them…..Now I don’t know? I will see how much room is in storage and maybe recover them in the summer.

We have an extra bed that we need to give to a family who needs it…..I just need to find someone. I will post it at church. Hopefully some one can take it. We have another truck load of stuff to go to goodwill too..I got rid of 5 bags of clothes. Rob went through his clothes too. Rob tends to hang on to everything…so to get him to part with something is like an act of congress. I am wondering when he will realize that we have to decorate for Christmas this year and that means going through the storage unit and taking out the decorations? I haven’t wanted to ask…cause Thanksgiving is a week away..the kids are already asking about our tree. More work. LOL UGH!

So in our house we have a couple of kids that aren’t getting their chores done in a timely manner. Bryce is the first one..he has dishes. Dishes is the more difficult chore in the house because it’s non-stop…second is Laundry, That is assigned to Preston. The rule for Bryce has been that as soon as he does his chore correctly for 2 weeks in a row he can pass the chore onto Carl and we can make the rotation through the kids. Carl was so fortunate to have Bryce ahead of him. LOL It has been 8 months. It is killing me…because I have to deal with a bad kitchen all the time. I have wanted to give up every other day. I have considered the fact that he is stubborn…and what not, but if he hates dishes so much, why not just get it done and over with..instead of torturing all of us? Well that’s him…but Preston volunteered for Laundry. He is supposed to just wash and dry it ….Jeri volunteered for folding. We all put our own clothes away…Of course Rob and I fold our own laundry. Preston doesn’t get laundry done…I have no idea what he is doing because we all remind him every day…several times a day…”Is laundry running?” I can survive on my clothes for awhile…but getting into the shower this morning I had 2 hand towels to dry off with…that’s my limit.

Apparently, Clarissa reached her limit today too..she came home and started doing his chore. Which in this house doesn’t happen! Plain and Simple. ..they have to argue and fight over who has to do what…who did what last…who has to do what next…so on and so fourth. She sorted the clothes and labeled the baskets ( that’s her OCD) so that if anyone should go behind her they do it in the order she intended. I would try to maybe curve her OCD tendencies..but frankly I love them…I think more of us should have them in this house. So I am letting them go. Thank you Clarissa …I could have some clean jeans tomorrow…I am at the bottom of the barrel for decent sweats. LOL I have been wearing them all week….I am beginning to feel a bit frumpy.

OK Well I need to get to quilting…I did finish some quilts today…YAY! Work and housework. I wonder how I will feel when everything is caught up? LOL Will it ever be? Please don’t tell me..I need to live in denial.








5 thoughts on “One Day Past Hump Day

  1. I am laughing at your blog today….. wow…I would be have to be an angel, I swear…They would have me…Sure hope your choices dont cause Rob to loose any body parts roflmbo……I made myself be productive today even if no one will see it but me..I cleaned house and got outside and admired all that GOD has blessed us with….Thanks for sharing your life (makes me happy for you and happy for me not to have to deal with all that goes with a family your size…you remind me of my daughter Jamie ( the more the happier she is….so full of love for children) Be blessed T

  2. Hi T,
    Well you know men..they protect that one part with all fiber of their being..I am sure it will stay intact even with a headboard covered in a floral Amy Butler fabric.
    I am so glad you got to be productive today….I am dreaming of a day where I can not be productive..LOL. I don’t know what it would be like to relax..and read a book all day? I am going to try the end of December. I love you Girly Friend. If you ever need Chaos..just come to WA for a visit..I have more than enough! LOL

  3. How far is WA from New york (coxsackie) I plan to go there for Christmas if Don is still working there. Always wanted to see New York and Christmas would be perfect dont ya think…cant face it here without mom and all the tradition will just kill me because she was the center ( I know it is time for me to step up and take that spot but I am not ready for this first year, I guess I still feel that out of respect not to do her tradition this year..maybe next year. Anyway if it is not to far maybe a stop over would work I would love to meet you and give you a real hug. T

    1. Hi T,
      well I am far AWAY lol…The complete opposite end of the country. But It will happen one day..I am positive! You had mentioned that your mom wanted you to live life..and be happy. I know you are still struggling..but instead of seeing it as a respect issue why don’t you view as a place of “honor” That is how she would have wanted you to do. What is the best way to LOVE someone? Honor them and their beliefs and actions. Missing a Christmas with your family may not be all it’s cracked up to be…and with the way you loved and nurtured your mom I don’t think it will get any easier next year. I am not pushing you know your own limits. I am just trying to get you to see that life is precious. Your daughters will want all those memories with you as well… So think about it. You know i love you. I just want what is best for you. I will pray for you….my Lovely sister!

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