One Block Wonder Cubed


Sharon made this quilt and it’s a showstopper!

It’s also very huge!


She chose a black & white fabric to make her One Block Wonder blocks and they are fabulous. I think it’s amazing how you can take a cut of fabric and completely change the look of it by cutting it and making a whole different design. It’s pretty amazing.

185 186

Then she added her cubes..she appliqued her cubes on rather than piecing them in. Which worked out beautifully.

179 180She appliques some of those flowers from her fabric on the border of her quilt…so when I quilted the border I quilted in leaves and flowers.

181 182

IN the center I quilted curls and every now and again I quilted in different flowers and designs to create textures.

183 184

here’s the back:


Look at all of that thread? oooohhhh lalala!

Thanks Sharon! Love you quilt!  I love seeing your projects! You always do a great job!

I hope you all are having a relaxing day after our Christmas holiday…..I am resting 🙂

Many blessings


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