OMG Quilt

This is the “Oh My Gosh” Quilt.



You can but the pattern here.

I have the pattern but not have started it. It might be something I start this year?? I need a new tedious scrappy project because my tiny houses are almost finished.

The reason it’s insane is because the blocks are tiny-tiny. I took a picture of my chubby fingers next to the blocks…see now do you get why it’s pure insanity to make one of these?

028Oh my Gosh!! right?

026I quilted Baptist fans on the inside and then leaves on the inner border and framed it all in with a feather.

Jackie made this quilt and she always does beautiful work. I have been working with her for several years now and it’s nice to have her as a friend and client.

029 030 032Love the variety of colors and fabrics she used…seriously! There was a ton of variety in her quilt.

033Thanks Jackie, I am so glad everything arrived safe & sound.

Have a great holiday season.



5 thoughts on “OMG Quilt

  1. The piecing is awesome, small, and the quilting is great, as usual! My fingers wouldn’t do anything that small anymore.

  2. I love it….with a capital LOVE. Not only my fingers would not permit my working with such small pieces…..but afraid my vision would suffer tremendously!! But…that said, I absolutely think the quilt is beautiful.

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