OK ….Time for another post?

Well I finished a quilt YAY! How amazing is that?

I have another pinned on ready to go. First thing this morning Clarissa said she wanted to roast her pumpkin seeds. On Tuesday I had spent the day processing all of our squash and pumpkins. Well my stubborn daughter wanted to do her own..and she hid her pumpkins from me..LOL. So she brought them out this morning and started cutting them. She has her seeds. Then she insisted on making the apple cider. During the winter months I keep an urn of home-made cider on the counter for all of us. It’s so yummy! I suggested that she make some pumpkin bread. She said “really” in a disgusted way like….that doesn’t sound very good. Then said “Is that even a real thing?” LOL “yes” I told her.
So I got out the cookbook “JOY of Cooking” Like the best cookbook ever. which had a nice recipe.
About a month ago we went to the thrift shop in town they sell books for 1$ . She only looks at cookbooks..she bought a cook book called “America’s favorite recipes”…so she said “Hang on a minute ..let me see if my cookbook has any pumpkin recipes”….she looked.. they had no pumpkin bread recipes but a few other things…she said “I guess pumpkin bread isn’t one of America’s favorites” LOL
Anyhow she made on pan of bread..she tried it..she is a believer now that it is YUMMY! So she is making some more with some nuts and raisins. One of her brothers doesn’t like raisins so she is saving plain ones for him. She prefers to make them in muffin style than a loaf pan…which is perfectly fine they are good after school snacks for the kids.

Rob and Carl have finished the flooring in the second boy room..YAY. They went to go get trim/molding…so we will move their stuff back into tonight!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!! One step closer. Then we just need to pain and put up the trim in the family room …and move all the upstairs furniture down stairs…how GREAT IS that?

We bought this product called “Allure” for the floors…. it’s water proof vinyl flooring that looks like wood flooring. So easy to install…and way more quiet than the pergo floor.We have pergo upstairs…and we did have it in our family room but when the basement flooded…it warped and got yucky. So if that should happen again…our floors will be safe…hopefully. Well Rob loves it so much that he taking back the pergo we bought for the two rooms upstairs….the he will be working on next..our room and Clarissa’s room. Those are the last two floors we have to finish. Then we have bathrooms ..but that is for another day….and time batman.
I am painting my room….a creamy yellow color..and refreshing Clarissa’s room….she hasn’t….I don’t want to do a whole new theme because it’s so much money and time..but I think it needs to be refreshed with a bit of paint.

Anyway..back to work….I will leave you with some pictures…YAY!

This quilt was made by a wonderful lady named Joy. I just love her. She is an amazing caregiver and she doesn’t realize what a blessing she is. She works on quilts in her spare time…and I am not sure if she wants this info shared..I will ask her to make sure…anyhow..instead of flowers on her casket she wants this quilt. Isn’t that a great? I love that idea..it is so much more representative of a quilter. I precious memento. Kind of like a flag for a veteran. I didn’t know that before i quilted it…but I know how stressful care giving can be. I pray for her as I quilt her quilts..that God give her peace and strength to keep on,keepin on!

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