Ok Another Round Of Scrappies!

Is on their way home! Thisis so FABULOUS! Harmony sent me these pictures this morning! Iam so excited!

I sent out 6 HUGE boxes of scrapsin August..these poor gals! I got one back from Lori…the quilt she made is listed here and here…Annette has been hard at work…she has sent pictures of 3quilts she has finished so far..and I have not yet heard from someof the others…Well Harmony was able to finish …..get ready for this FIVE…yes I said FIVE quilts! So here are the pictures..I am so excited to get them back! Thanks Harmony! I am going to be quilting a TON of free quilts this year! LOL

FUN! I am glad to share the time…and trade services it helps all of us! Builds relationships and skills! We all have to think outside of our box right?


4 thoughts on “Ok Another Round Of Scrappies!

    1. Hi Lindy,
      The first round of boxes were bigger….and had lots of variety..but also many smaller pieces. So it’s a toss up as to who got the best boxes.

      but yours went out on MOnday.

  1. ok sounds good i was getting a bit intimidated. should be fun to make somthing from fabric that might not be what i usualy use.

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